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Established in 1999, American Eagle has over a decade of experience as a premier institute for English learning. Shortly after its establishment, American Eagle partnered with McGraw-Hill, a renowned American publishing company, to provide the best English learning curriculum possible for their students.

The primary goal of American Eagle is to execute a style of English language learning that enables students to have the ability to listen, speak, read and write without having to translate from their native language of Chinese.

While teaching for American Eagle in China, you will be cultivating a generation of bright learners who will go on to enrich the global culture. ESL teachers for American Eagle are trained to facilitate innovative language learning that ensures the longevity of English language retention.

Teachers will enjoy access to the world’s leading English education materials to aid in their objective of English language education.


American Eagle School Locations

Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Dongguan, Chengdu, Xiamen

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The American Eagle Approach: Stamping Out “Mute English” and “Translated English”

English teachers at American Eagle are tasked with the objective of eliminating “Mute English” and “Translated English” among native Chinese speakers. Due to the fact that a large part of Asia focuses mostly on writing and reading English, issues arise with the ability for one to speak to others in English. “Mute English” and “Translated English” are sayings used to describe those who are learning English but lack the skill to effectively communicate in an oral capacity.

“Mute English” refers to how some ESL students have difficulty speaking with a native-English speaker whereas “Traditional English” refers to the larger problem of ESL training: English as merely a word-by-word translation of the mother tongue, at the cost of losing the context and culture of the language.ae2

American Eagle recognizes the unsustainable nature of the sole employment of traditional teaching methods based on vocabulary memorization and sentence pattern translation/imitation; this type of language learning does not lead to lasting English retention. This method of “cramming” may get the student through short term goals such as passing an exam, but it will not facilitate English learning as a long-term skill.

Through recognizing this issue, American Eagle has established a structure which strives to eliminate these English learning hindrances among students of China. American Eagle has adopted a North American English curriculum which includes classrooms engaged in immersion learning. American Eagle realizes that ESL teachers are not only educators, but facilitators of cultural learning.

Students are provided with the opportunity to be guided into building a unique cultural identity through discovering various attributes of a foreign culture, which in turn helps them to uncover fresh insight into their own culture. American Eagle ESL teachers in China are trained to avoid ineffective education styles and rather facilitate an English learning educational experience which endures.


We will consider your application for all American Eagle locations. You can confirm your location preference in the interview process.

American Eagle Classes

As previously mentioned, American Eagle has partnered with McGraw-Hill to provide the world’s best educational materials when it comes to English language education. English teachers will have access to an array of different books which include a comprehensive focus on areas such as grammar, language arts, reading, spelling, phonics and writing.

ESL teachers will also have access to materials for combined Eastern and Western holiday activities with the goal of expanding the students’ global horizon. All training, lesson plans and teaching materials are provided. Each of the three different types of positions is at eight working hours per day with breaks for lunch and between classes. ae4

Kindergarten Classes
• Students are 3 to 6 years of age
• Co-teach with a fellow native speaker
• Chinese staff support
• Focus on areas such as alphabet, conversation, show and tell, PE

Early Starter Classes
• Students are 3 to 6 years of age
• Chinese staff support
• Focus on areas such as alphabet, arts and crafts, music and dance

Elementary Classes
• Students are 6 to 15 years of age
• Chinese staff support
• Access to hundreds of English books

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