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About Best Learning…

If your goal is to explore a new country, save money, gain work experience with children, learn Mandarin, or simply push yourself outside of your comfort zone…  Regardless, we have an opportunity for you!

Best Learning Shenyang is a high-end, private after-school English training center located in Shenyang, China, aimed at teaching students 3-13 years of age.

Our school is a franchise of Best Learning; we share the same name but differ greatly from our namesake.  At BLS, students learn through songs, hands-on activities, and real-life experiences.

We boast small class sizes and provide ample teaching materials to ensure teachers’ success.

Best Learning Shenyang is a team. Beyond a team, we are a family. Outside of work, teachers from BLS hang out, travel, and experience nuances of China together.

We are not independents. When you first arrive to BLS, you think you are on your own. What you don’t know is the community that is waiting for you.

About Shenyang…

Shenyang is a large city in the heart of North Eastern China. Here in Shenyang you’ll be able to toss yourself into Chinese culture while still enjoying all the western conveniences you enjoy at home.

The weather here is very warm in the summer and quite cold in the winter but any clothing you need, can be acquired here in Shenyang at lower prices than in much of the west.

The cost of living here is low comparatively to other major Chinese cities.

Most foreign teachers in Shenyang spend between 2,000-4,000 RMB/month, allowing them to save roughly 9,000 RMB (1,300 USD) /month.

Furthermore, Shenyang’s location in Northeast China is perfect for quick weekend trips to Beijing, Harbin, Dalian, and the Great Wall of China!

In Shenyang you can find just about anything but here are a few of our favorite spots!

Beiling Park– A few subway stops away is one of Shenyang’s largest parks. It’s large enough that you can forget you’re in a big city for a few hours and can tour some historical monuments and tombs if that tickles your fancy.

For authentic Dongbei cuisine there are restaurants on every corner. “Delicious Dumpling” Is a great spot within walking distance of the school that we find ourselves going to for lunch quite frequently. Fresh dumplings and Guo Bao Rou!

Fat Dragon’s Ale House/Black sheep– These are two western bars/pubs that we find ourselves frequently to relax after work. Both feature western beer and food and are hot spots with most of the westerners who work in Shenyang.  It is guaranteed you’ll be in good company!

Qipan– Nearby Qipan Mountain is a great space for hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. A group of us tends to make the trip to the mountain at least once every season. Whether you love the snowy white powder or just experiencing the great outdoors Shenyang can deliver on its doorstep!

The Culture…

Best learning Shenyang has built a friendly relaxed culture. You’ll have all the support you could need but also the autonomy to build the class the way you want to. We encourage creativity here and look forward to new ideas.

While in class, expect to have a lot of fun with a great group of kids. While in the office expect a laid back atmosphere that rewards hard work and where everyone is willing to lend a hand. Outside of work we are a big family.

Whether it’s after work, on holiday or on the weekend we’re constantly exploring, engaging, and eating our way around China. We all look forward to meeting you!

About the Job…

Foreign teachers are generally responsible for lesson planning, co-teaching with a Chinese partner, communicating with their students’ parents, and participating in marketing activities.

Classes are year round. We have various short breaks throughout the year with a few large breaks perfect for travel.

New teachers undergo initial training that includes an overview of our school and its’ goals, an introduction to BLS’ curriculum, and functional training to prepare new teachers for their first lessons in the classroom.


  • Earn 9,000 RMB for the first two months (probationary period)
  • Earn 11,000 RMB for months three through fifteen
  • Earn 2,000 RMB extra (per month) for teaching five classes
  • Contract completion bonuses awarded at month six (4,000RMB) and month fifteen (8,000RMB)
  • Airfare reimbursement of 7,000RMB


Furnished Housing is provided by the school usually within a five minute walk of the school the day you arrive in China. Utilities are not covered but are incredibly inexpensive. Average monthly cost for each:

  • Power: 85-100RMB
  • Wifi: 75 RMB
  • Water: 10-15 RMB
  • Gas: 15 RMB (If you have one, Many do not.)

Job requirements:

We ask that all applicants consider the following requirements:

  • Native English speaker
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Age 23-40
  • Two years work experience (Preferred)
  • 120 Hour TESOL program
  • Ability to commit to a 15 month contract.
  • Ability to obtain a clear criminal record check
  • Valid Passport

Getting to China…

All foreign teachers must go through the process to get a Z visa prior to coming to China. We do all the paperwork and legwork required in China, you do the legwork required at home. Processes vary based on nationality but generally simply require providing us with a number of documents.  Once the paperwork is finished on this end you’ll need to send your visa application to a consulate in your geographic area, and finally, book a flight and we’ll pick you up at the Shenyang Airport!

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