Author: Geoffrey DeSena

Hiking the Walls in Seoul

Commissioned in 1395, the wall is rumored to have seen its first iteration complete in only three months, employing nearly 200,000 people to construct 97 600-foot sections. Additional defense of the city would be provided by Bukhansan Fortress to the north and Namhansanseong Fortress to the south.

What you Should Consider for Teaching in a Hagwon

South Korea is a fantastic place to start for new English teachers because the country is very welcoming to foreigners, its location in Asia makes it a great launching pad for additional travel, and the pay and benefits are quite generous. That said, many of us first-time teachers will end up at one of the ubiquitous private academies called “hagwons”. While these offer great opportunities, there are a few things you may want to consider before consigning yourself to a year in one of these schools.

Gaining Feedback from Korean Adult Students

The best kind of teachers are the ones that can recognize their mistakes and grow from them. After all, teaching is a huge learning curve, even the most experienced teacher can be presented with a new situation in which to grow from. Getting feedback from students is the best way to see where you are going wrong, but gaining that feedback isn’t always easy especially in a country like South Korea where challenging authority is often culturally inappropriate.

A Weekend in Busan, South Korea

Taking a deep breath, I instantly recognized the salty undertones of the scent of a port city. The ocean has a certain calming effect, even when we can’t see it, and Busan is a city under its spell.

An Introvert’s Guide to Teaching Kids

It wasn’t too long ago that I, like many others, trembled at the thought of standing in front of a crowd of strangers. Now I do it for a living. Not only that, but half the time, those strangers are kids.

Tips For Riding The KTX in Korea

As the pitch of the wind rushing past the window rises and the scenery whips by, there is a sense of motion unparalleled by most other modes of transportation. Indeed 300 km/h is not particularly fast for an airplane, and the flight from Seoul to Busan is much quicker, but gliding along the ground at these speeds is a new experience that amplifies the excitement of travel.

Summer School: The Perpetual Studies of Students in South Korea

Talk to just about anyone involved in South Korean education, and you quickly learn that the pupils of this rising Asian nation are tired. Not only because of the daily school grind, the fatigue also comes from the invasion of continued academics into what little break they have.

A Guide to Exploring Jeonju

The Hanok Village near our host’s house shows the traditional peaked roofs and swooping eaves of pre-modern Korea, but this one looks somehow different. Its straight lines and clean roofs belie its recent renovations. Similarly, Jeonju presents a deep cultural heritage just beneath a surface of tourism and modernity.