Author: Michaela Gray

Classroom Playtime

Playtime in the classroom is a really useful tool for making difficult concepts in English more accessible to students. Whether you are young or old, everybody likes to play sometimes. Students love to play games in the classroom and a lot of lessons highly encourage the use of activities to learn a new language.

Showcase your Students’ Talents

As a teacher you want to showcase your students’ talents and as a new school year is beginning, it’s important to think ahead about what goals you want your students to achieve. Of course, we all want our students to become more fluent in the English language by memorizing vocabulary, grammar structures, and sentence patterns. But how do you showcase how your lessons have practical uses?

Confidence in the Classroom

Having confidence in the classroom is essential to a well working class. Whether you are a first-time teacher or a seasoned veteran, beginning a new year with new classes can be a little nerve-wracking.

Backup Activities

Having backup activities can be a real lifesaver in the classroom. As a newer teacher, it was always a great fear to have time left over in a lesson. I had begun teaching a brand new class of students with no previous English experience in the summer.

Fears About Living Abroad: Part 2

Living abroad can be a scary concept to get your head around. Are you a little nervous about moving abroad? Here is the second half of my FAQ list continued from last week on commonly feared aspects while moving abroad!

10 Fears About Living Abroad Part 1

Many people have fears about living abroad, perhaps you have had some worries holding you back? Have you told your friends about your plans to live abroad only to hear the response, “Oh, I could never do that!”

Shopping in Taiwan

I love shopping in Taiwan and If you’re like me, there are certain times when I need some retail therapy. Maybe the clothes you brought are starting to wear out a little or maybe you need to find some gifts for friends and family.

Getting Help from your Co-teacher

Getting help from your co-teacher is an essential part of teaching ESL. While you are teaching abroad you may have a native speaking co-teacher in your classroom while you teach.