Author: Stephanie Long

Top 10 Questions New ESL Teachers Have

If you have decided to teach ESL abroad, there are bound to be a lot of questions running through your mind. It is important to ask as many questions as you think are necessary, but some questions are more important than others. Whether you are already getting to know your students or just applying for your visa, here are answers to some of the top questions that new ESL teachers have.

Improving Pronunciation in Your ESL Students

We’ve all experienced the frustration of talking to someone who clearly has a good working knowledge of English but still seems almost unintelligible. Maybe you’ve been that person, too, struggling to master the unfamiliar sounds of a foreign language.

5 Life Skills Gained From Teaching ESL

So, you’re wondering what to put on your resume after a year or more of teaching ESL – especially if the career you’re looking to move into is completely unrelated to teaching. Well, good news: teaching ESL gives you so many useful experiences and skills that apply to just about any situation you may find yourself in. Here are five examples of life skills you’ll learn as an ESL teacher that will carry over into whatever you do next in life.

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Teaching Abroad

Thinking about teaching abroad? Before you jump in, make sure you take some time to do your research, know what you’re getting into, and ask yourself if you are deciding to teach ESL overseas for the right reasons. Here are ten questions every potential ESL teacher should ask themselves before making the leap to teaching abroad.

Communicating With Parents

The easiest way to understand your students’ lives a little better and get some insight into things they might be struggling with, is to meet and communicate with their parents. Communicating with parents can be intimidating, especially the parents of students that you consider to be difficult.

Teaching Thanksgiving in the ESL Classroom

Holidays are a great way to break out of the normal classroom routine, grab your students’ interest, and introduce some culture to the ESL classroom. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s a great time to think about ways to incorporate this fun and meaningful holiday into your classroom.

8 Fun Activities for Teaching Verbs

Yup, it’s a pain in the butt for everyone. Regular and irregular verbs, past tense, past participle and past conditional…it’s confusing even for native speakers. When it comes time to learn or review verb tenses, you’ll want to find as many ways as you can to make it fun and intuitive.

6 Tips for Getting your ESL Students Speaking

There are few things more draining to ESL teachers than always feeling like you are pulling teeth to get students speaking. And for your students, speaking up in any class can be intimidating enough – when it’s in a completely new language and they are afraid of mispronunciation or grammar mistakes, it’s an even trickier situation.