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Teach English in Shenzhen with Reach To Teach!

Teach English in Shenzhen with Reach To Teach

Categorized as China’s first Special Economic Zone, you will benefit from Shenzhen’s subtropical climate and opportunistic location. The city’s ultra-modern landscape looks like an anachronism in architecture, but it sets the perfect backdrop for anyone wanting to teach English in Shenzhen. It’s a location that won’t disappoint!

Shenzhen is China’s second largest trading hub after Shanghai. Due to it’s rapidly developing economy (one of the fastest in the world), teaching English in Shenzhen means you’ll have access to an exciting and fast paced lifestyle. Shenzhen is also about as close as you can get to Hong Kong without leaving mainland China, making day trips to Hong Kong and Macau viable every weekend.

Requirements to Teach English in Shenzhen

  1. You must have a Bachelor’s degree
  2. You must be at least 24 years of age
  3. You must have a 100+ hour TEFL certificate
  4. You must have one year of formal post-graduate teaching experience

Teach English in China’s First Special Economic Zone

Set up as a capitalist market within Chinese socialist traditions, Shenzhen made full use of it’s proximity to Hong Kong to attract foreign investment. That means Shenzhen is now set up to be southern China’s powerhouse along the Pearl River and one of the most economically influential cities in Southern China.

Walking down the street you’ll run into all types- business savvy’s dining to the nines, tourists on day trips crossing the border from Hong Kong, and fellow folks like you all living and teaching in Shenzhen. It’s vibrant and colorful lifestyle combined with its economic potential places you right in the center of the action when it comes to experiencing China first hand!

Shenzhen is also known for some of the architectural biggies in the world. At one time, it held the record for tallest building in the world, tallest building in Asia, and more record shattering projects are on the “rise”!

Teach English in a World Class City

Your journey to teach English in Shenzhen starts now!

As Shenzhen is home to China’s flourishing business district, it is home to some of the most exciting shopping, dazzling restaurants and first class entertainment. But there are plenty of draws for the teacher here outside of the city. It’s not to far to experience the serenity at Wanlu Lake or the majesty of the Guishan mountain scenery. Or how about a day of fun at the Shenzhen Happy Valley, home to rides that will zip you along. So if you are looking for that fast paced, day-to-day life coupled with plenty of escape routes to natural wonders outside the city limits, then teaching English in Shenzhen is for you!

Expand Your Horizons and Teach English in Shenzhen

English Teaching Jobs in Shenzhen with Reach To TeachSo the city life appeals to you, and the idea of teaching ESL in Shenzhen seems like a pretty good next step. So what now? You have that tickle in your stomach that tells you what your doing is exciting and has to be the next move in your life. Reach to Teach will help you get out there with the best possible advice and guidance along the way. We know- we’re out here in Asia ourselves!

Few decisions can have as many benefits or life-changing experiences as the decision to teach English in Shenzhen. In this city, you will make lasting friendships with the co-teachers you work with. Together, you’ll explore this unique world so many have only dreamed of seeing.

You’ll meet the citizens of Shenzhen and some of your closest friends might not even speak the same first language as you. China is waiting for you come, and there’s a place for it while teaching English abroad in Shenzhen!

ESL Jobs at Reputable Schools in Shenzhen

Deciding where to teach English in Shenzhen can be a difficult and stressful decision. There are a myriad of ESL teaching jobs available in Shenzhen and they don’t always appear to be of the most reputable variety! That’s where Reach To Teach comes in. We carefully screen any school we work with. We mean it when we tell you, “We will only place you at a school we ourselves would work at (and often have worked at previously)”! Reach To Teach is a program created by westerners and we care about each and every one of the people we send to teach English in Shenzhen.

As you experience our interview and screening process, you will find we are very careful in accepting teachers to the Reach To Teach program. If you are one of the few we accept, you can be sure we apply the same strict standards to the school locations and English teaching jobs in Shenzhen we discuss with you!


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