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Frequently Asked Questions for Teaching English Abroad

How to apply with Reach To Teach

Not sure where to start? This section answers frequently asked questions for teaching English Abroad and it will teach you how to prepare for your job application, give you tips on how to pass your interview, and explain the application process and what the basic qualifications are for each country.

Job Application FAQs

How to write a good ESL resume, the application process, and basic questions about teaching abroad qualifications.

How to Prepare for Your Interview

Job interviews are a fact of life, but that doesn’t make them any less scary to go through. Your ESL job interview is the most important part of your job application process, and there are a number of things to consider before your interview to ensure success.

Five IMPORTANT Tips To Help You Pass Your Interview

One of the most important steps before you leave your home country is your interview with your prospective recruiter or school. Below are some tips to help you put your best foot forward and ace your teaching abroad interview on Skype.

Frequently Asked Questions – Teaching English Abroad

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Apply To Teach in Taiwan with Reach To Teach - Frequently Asked Questions for Teaching English Abroad

Teach English in Taiwan

The following links cover information pertaining to teacher salaries, the cost of living in Taiwan, visa issues, and more.

Teaching ESL in Taiwan FAQs 

This is a compilation of questions from our teachers that we have collected over the years. This page includes basic facts you need to know before you apply to teach English in Taiwan.

Taiwan Visa Information

What you need to know to teach legally in Taiwan. This page is updated regularly to ensure that you have up-to-date information about Taiwan’s via laws. Last updated February 2020

Taiwan’s Tax Law 

Information about how your teaching salary will be taxed in Taiwan. Don’t skip this page. If you’re going to teach in Taiwan, you need to know Taiwan’s tax laws for foreigners

Taiwan Country Guide 

This is our complete and official Reach To Teach Country Guide to living and working in Taiwan. It also includes several Taiwan City Guides as well as articles on things to see and do in Taiwan.

Moving to Taiwan? The RTT Taiwan Packing List 

Taiwan experiences some extreme weather throughout the year. Make sure you know how to pack for its hot, humid summers and torrential downpours.

Online Resources for Learning Chinese 

Many teachers come to Taiwan to learn Chinese. We’ve compiled a list of online Chinese learning resources for you to browse through.

Reach To Teach Teachers for EPIK Arrival in South Korea

Reach To Teach teachers arriving for the EPIK program in South Korea.                


Teach English in South Korea

Check out our Teach English in South Korea FAQs for information about what to expect from life in South Korea. We’ve done our best to answer questions you might have about getting a job teaching English in South Korea.

Have a suggestion? We’d love to hear it. You can contact us at if you’d like get in touch with us.


Teach English in Thailand

What can you expect if you decide teach English in Thailand?

Stunning nature reserves, modern bustling cities, ancient temples, and beautiful beaches are just some of the main attractions that you’re going to get up, close and personal! A sun-drenched country with friendly locals and lots to see and doThailand is a stunning country where gleaming skyscrapers and cutting edge technology mix and mingle with its ancient cultural roots and heritage.

Teach English in Vietnam

With its tropical weather, beautiful beaches and river systems, cultural heritage sites, and teeming cities, it’s no wonder that Vietnam is a popular teaching destination for ESL teachers around the world. You’ll enjoy a competitive monthly wage and a low cost of living. Coupled with a teaching position that offers free housing and flights, teachers in Vietnam can save money each month while experiencing the best that Vietnam and Southeast Asia have to offer.



Important information regarding the tax laws for US citizens living abroad. The good news is you (probably) won’t have to pay any taxes as an English teacher in Asia! Taxes for Americans Living Overseas

Frequently Asked Questions – Teaching English Abroad

A Checklist for Preparing to Teach English Abroad

If you’re planning on teaching English abroad, here are some things you should consider doing before you go. Start with steps 1 through 3. These steps will take you the longest to complete.

Four to Six Months in Advance of Your Departure

1. Volunteer at a local school or community center to gain experience working with children.

2. Do you need a criminal background check? Criminal background checks can take several months to process. Apply for it as soon as you can.

3. Take a TEFL course. Have a look at our TEFL Directory for top of the line TEFL courses that are recommended by our schools and former Reach To Teach teachers. 

4. Learn the language. A few key phrases and a smile can go a long way in a new country.

5. Do as much research as you can on the country that you want to move to. You haven’t entered into this decision lightly, so make sure you prepare yourself as best as you can for your big move.

Two to Three Months in Advance of Your Departure

Make sure you have a clear, professional photo of yourself that you can use for applications. If you don’t have one, get a friend to help you out. DO send in a professional photo or a photo of yourself with kids. DON’T send in silly photos, bar photos, or photos of you dressed inappropriately.

Scan your documents, label them, and put them in one file on your computer so you have easy access to your documents while you’re filling out application forms. Include your CV, cover letter, a recent photo, a scan of your passport, a scan of your TEFL certification, and scans of your letters of reference.

Pack six to eight extra passport photos! You’ll need them for paperwork when you arrive at your new destination.

Once you’re done scanning your documents for your application, get a manila envelope and place your documents in it for safekeeping. Make sure you bring it with you when you leave!

Just before you leave…

Call your bank to let them know that you are leaving the country, especially if you plan on using your credit cards or debit card abroad.

Get a travel and medical insurance plan that covers you for your first few months abroad. A large number of schools offer health insurance to their teachers, but it usually doesn’t kick in until a month or two after you’ve arrived in country.

Still have questions? No problem! Contact us with your questions at and you’ll soon be on your way on the adventure of a lifetime!

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