Teach English in Thailand

Stunning nature reserves, modern bustling cities, ancient temples, and beautiful beaches are just some of the main attractions that you’re going to get up, close and personal! A sun-drenched country with friendly locals and lots to see and do, Thailand offers gleaming skyscrapers and cutting edge technology mix with its ancient cultural roots and heritage. It is a great place for expats and teachers to live in.

The Land of Smiles


Enjoy a low cost of livng in Thailand where your Baht goes a long way.


Enjoy the weather all year!



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Why Thailand?

Thailand is a great place for teachers to live in. It offers a low cost of living, beautiful weather year-round, and friendly locals. ESL teachers can find plenty of opportunities both in and out of the classroom. From lounging on a beautiful island, snorkeling in crystal clear waters to jungle trekking and exploring exciting city markets, you’ll very rarely want for something to keep you occupied in Thailand. 

Obviously there is a huge range of things to see and do in the Land of Smiles. While you’re teaching in Thailand, you’ll still more than enough opportunities to immerse yourself in Thai culture, study the language and enjoy everything that this beautiful country has to offer.

Why Should You Teach English in Thailand?

Teaching jobs are easy to get and your salary is generous when compared to local salaries. While Thailand is not known as an ESL destination that will save you a lot of money, you CAN expect a decent salary that allows you to live comfortably in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The average teaching salary in Thailand for newly qualified TEFL teachers is approximately ฿30,000 ($870US) a month. Experienced teachers might earn between ฿35,000 ($1,000US) and ฿50,000 ($1,450US). Thai work culture is also pretty laid-back and teaching hours are reasonable, which means you can enjoy a good work/life balance. Thailand is also really easy to get around and there are plenty of national holidays to enjoy. Plus it’s a major hub for other destinations in Southeast Asia which means the sky is the limit for you. Travel to other countries like Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan are just a few of the many options in this area.

What Should I Keep In Mind About The Culture in Thailand?

Your salary might seem low compared to what you can earn in Korea or Taiwan, for example, but your baht will go a long way in Thailand. Keep these things in mind when you’re in Thailand:

*Don’t point at someone
*Don’t touch someone on the head
*Don’t throw money on the floor *Leave your shoes at the door. (Also, if you are teaching and you need to take your shoes off, make sure your socks don’t have holes in them.)
*Show respect with any image of Buddha

Another concept that is very important in Thai culture is sanuk. Sanuk is a wide-reaching idea that embodies the playfulness and sense of humor that is so central to life in Thailand. Sanuk is a Thai word and way of life that means: to have a good time, to have fun, to enjoy oneself and to derive pleasure from life. It could refer to a spontaneous and joyful meeting with someone on the street, or a humorous pun made at just the right moment. The sense of humor and joie de vivre captured in sanuk is central to the Thai way of life.

Teach English in Thailand

What qualifications do I need to teach in Thailand?

Your salary as a teacher in Thailand will be more than enough to live a comfortable lifestyle and save for trips around Thailand and to other places in Asia. In 2023, a university degree is a requirement for most teaching positions now. The average salary for teaching in Thailand is between $900 and $3,500US per month depending on your experience and qualifications.


The government in Thailand will only provide work permits to native English speakers


You must have a full bachelors degree to teach English with our schools.


A 120-hour TEFL certificate is a must for our schools.


You must provide a national background check from your home country.


Enjoy the best that Thailand has to offer

At first glance, teaching may not seem like a demanding job, but don’t underestimate how challenging being in front of a classroom of children can be. It takes careful preparation and real caring for your students.

Most teachers end up teaching in Thailand at private language schools or within the Thai public school system. Teaching English to young students is an important responsibility, so you’ll need to plan carefully for your classes, show caring for your students, and be aware of your students’ different learning styles and abilities. We always encourage and interesting and engaging classroom atmosphere.

Additionally, you will also be spending your time administering tests, grading papers, and participating in staff meetings alongside your co-teachers.

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Visit our Thailand Country Guide to learn more about The Land of Smiles!


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