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Reach To Teach ReviewWe have 225 reviews and a 5-star rating on our Reach To Teach Facebook review page. Feel free to have a read through what teachers from our programs have to say about our services.
We have contacted a number of teachers to put together a full review of the programs they participated in, rather than asking them for a short teacher testimonial for our site. We have plenty of teacher testimonials here if you’re interested in reading through them. Read on for our Reach To Teach program reviews!



Apply to Teach in China
Reach To Teach Reviews – China Program

S. Johnson (American)

Stress Relievers

I loved my experience teaching English for the past 3 years in the Republic of Georgia and wanted to continue traveling to other parts of the world. After successfully completing the S. Korean application program, events occurred that abruptly ejected me from participating in that program. I was shocked and depressed about it and anxious about my near future plans of continuing to teach overseas.

But Carrie and John of Reach to Teach were not only extremely professional, but also extremely supportive in helping me find an alternate opportunity in China.

In thinking back over the entire process of applying for S. Korea and China, I now see how attentive and nurturing they were through both processes. Applying for foreign employment is not easy to navigate sometimes (even more so with Asian countries). S. Korea particularly is a gauntlet of hurdles and hoops with zero room for error. With that said, their knowledge, contacts, and experience were that much more useful in making a stressful experience, manageable and less stressful.

I don’t know much about other agencies in this field, but I would highly recommend these guys for really knowing and caring about what they do.


Jena Saseen (American)

I am from West Virginia in the United States. I graduated with my Bachelor degrees in Elementary Education and Secondary Education in 2010. I also received my TEFL certification in 2012 and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership in 2013. In the past, I was a middle school History and English teacher and then an ESL teacher at a university.

Reach To Teach Review- Jena Saseen with her classI love teaching and fell in love with teaching English to international students. I wanted to expand my horizons and teach abroad. I chose Reach to Teach to help me along the way. Rick Goodman was my recruiter and he was so nice and helpful. He helped my friend and I find a job in China. We both wanted to teach in the same city, so Shanghai was the place we interviewed for. The process was easy and before long we arrived in China.

I really enjoy my job teaching in China. It took some time to get used to some things, but that is one of the unique experiences of living abroad. I love teaching and especially when there are those special moments when you see the material stick with the students. I have grown so much as an individual and educator these past few months living in China. Since I have been in China, I was able to explore Shanghai, travel to Beijing and Thailand.

That is one of the many benefits of teaching abroad is the opportunity to travel and explore new places! If you are thinking of teaching abroad, please do not pass up this amazing opportunity! It is a chance of a lifetime! 🙂

Lindsay Flannery – (Scottish) Reach To Teach Review- kids

Finding a job in Northeast China through Reach to Teach was effortless. After completing the application form and questions on their website, Carrie took care of everything else by finding out exactly what type of person I was and what my expectations were for the year abroad. Then she found me a position that suited me perfectly in, putting me in contact with the school’s management but also taking time to take me through the expected duties as well as giving me lots of information and resources about the city and area I’d be moving to.

The experience so far has been more that I ever thought it would be. The staff at the school are incredibly supportive and helpful, if there is anything at all I don’t understand or am unsure of, they are there in an instant. Whether it be teaching related, or opening a Chinese bank account or if I simply don’t understand a note that has been pinned to my apartment door. The accommodations are exactly what was advertised on the school’s website as are the benefits. I would recommend Reach to Teach to anyone.

Critical Feedback: For me, the whole experience was painless and hassle free. I can’t think of anything that I would change.


Laura W. (American) 

For anyone interested in moving abroad, I highly recommend Reach to Teach. I have worked with other recruiting agencies in the past, and from my experience, Reach to Teach has offered me the most assistance. I mostly worked with the China Recruitment Department, and was very impressed with the updates and callbacks post-interview.

Reach to Teach matched me with a job at an after school academy that relies on the Total Physical Response teaching method.Reach To Teach Review- kc2I find this school a very effective program for teaching English, and am so happy with my job situation. From both sides, Reach to Teach and my school made a great effort to help me up until I arrived in China. If I had questions, I continued to ask both sides for answers, and both provided the best solutions. I have heard stories of people never hearing from their recruiters after they take a job offer, but I never experienced this with Reach to Teach.

I felt they were honest, listened to what I wanted in a job (rather than trying to fill the next available spot in any school), and gave immediate response to e-mails. I know that anyone going through Reach to Teach will find what they need.


Apply To Teach in South Korea

Reach To Teach Reviews – South Korea Program

Devon Burbidge (American)

I was a teacher back in the States before coming to Gangwon-do and I was ready to try something new.  A friend of mine was looking into teaching in South Korea so she found Reach to Teach andReach To Teach Review- Devon Burbidge asked if I was maybe interested.  We did the process together, which made everything so much easier. We were so excited when we passed our interviews. We got even better news after that.  My friend and I had told Reach to Teach that we would love to teach in the same city so we could at least be near each other.  It was even better than we hoped for.  Reach to Teach managed to help us get teaching jobs at the same school.

I have been extremely happy with my choice to teach in Korea.  My job is a little different than the normal public school job that is offered.  My school is a special language school that offers many programs for the residents of Gangwon-do: online classes, camps ranging from 1 to 3 days for students to learn English, Russian, and Chinese, and a traveling bus program.  I teach on a bus.  I travel every day to a new school so I have had the privilege to see many towns in Gangwon-do.   I have also been involved in the other programs, so I have taught all ages from 3rd grade elementary to teachers.

I live in a fantastic part of Gangwon-do.  My backyard is the beautiful East Sea and I am very close to the Seorak Mountains.  There are many outdoor activities, so it is a perfect place for someone who loves hiking or the sea.  It is a very small rural area, but Seoul is a bus ride away and we have two cities near us that we go to.  I have been to many different types of festivals because this area is rich in culture and they love their festivals.  Our town offers several festivals but two of my favorites are the Salmon Festival and the Mushroom Festival.  Through these festivals, I have met many of the locals and have experienced things I never would have back home.

Teaching English in South Korea was a wonderful decision I would be happy to make again.  I would also love to recommend Reach to Teach to anyone who doesn’t want to do the process alone. They made everything super easy.  Good luck on your adventure!

Boitumelo Ramalekane (South Africa) Reach To Teach Review- Boitumelo Ramalekane

I heard about this great opportunity a while back and the one thing that was holding me back was the fact that I did not know the proper steps to take and when I read up about this whole process everything was just too overwhelming for me.

For a while, this was just a dream until the day I decided that I am going to make it a reality. I started looking for an agent to help me, and by some miracle, I stumbled across RTT, from that day onwards my life was changed.

What had seemed like the impossible was now coming to life. Working with John was amazing and he made sure that I understood every step of the process, and made sure I crossed all the T’s and dotted every I. From day 1 he was always communicating with me about all the info I needed to make it into the EPIK program.  From the filling of the forms and to preparing me for the interview (mock interview) Thanks Chris!!

Today I can safely say I am an EPIK teacher in South Korea (Daegu) and I couldn’t have made it without RTT and the amazing people behind it.

Thanks RTT!!

Alexandra Ferreira (American)Reach To Teach Review- Alexandra Ferreira

My experience in Korea has been one that has absolutely and irrevocable changed my life. I have been challenged professionally and personally and been exposed to an incredible culture. I had

traveled and lived in a few different countries before deciding I wanted to move to Korea to teach and that decision was the best I could have made. I am entering my second year in the EPIK program and I have no doubt I will be here for a while.

This experience has widened my world view and I hope to continue exploring this beautiful country as well as growing professionally as a teacher. I teach at two public elementary schools at the moment and have had the best time getting to know my coworkers as well as my kids. My kids make me smile every day. It’s been the greatest privilege to be able to teach them and get to know them. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into teaching and the academic outcomes and relationships built with the kids are worth that effort.

I could never have done this without the help and support of the Reach to Teach team. They helped me every step of the way. My application process and document collection were made easier because of them and the level of communication and support I received is second to none. If you are looking to teach English abroad, I highly recommend applying through Reach to Teach. Don’t shortchange yourself.

Derrick Black (American)

I came across Reach to Teach, I believe, via an online search. As I do with pretty much anything I consider applying to, I researched the organization, and found it quite reputable.The staff profiles were also personable, and I felt that, “This would be the company to apply to.” So, I proceeded to do so.

I am very appreciative of RTT’s approach, from their initial application process throughout. They seem sincere in their approach to work with candidates of whom they feel are likewise, sincere and professional in their endeavors.

I am currently in South Korea working as a Guest English Teacher through English Program In Korea (EPIK). EPIK’s application process and preparations are especially taxing, but RTT really does a fascinating job of helping ease much of that anguish.Reach To Teach Reviews- Derrick Black

My personal agent is John Kellenberger, and anytime we communicate, I try to express how thankful I am for his guidance and check-ups throughout this entire experience. He has been so swell at helping keep me notified of various documents and their respective due dates, helping set up a mock interview in preparation of the real deal, on to just seeing how things were going in my preparations for going abroad.

Having an agent who reaches out, whether via email or phone, provides an extra boost for me, as I already seek to be and grow into a great teacher, but it inspires me to want work that much harder in representing such fine people.

Mr. K and RTT, again, I am so grateful and fortunate that we have been able to work together. And I hope and believe that others, present, past, and future, are and will be as well.”

Apply To Teach in Taiwan

Reach To Teach Reviews – Taiwan Program

Ben MacDonald (American)

Reach To Teach Reviews- Ben McDonaldBefore coming to Taiwan, I had my doubts about teaching there. How will I get by without speaking the language? What if I need help while I am there? Will I have a job before I get to Taiwan? What if I get injured while I am there? (They have a helpful FAQ page that answers all of my questions listed above.)

The folks at Reach to Teach did a tremendous job of sorting through all my questions and assuaging many, if not all of my concerns. When I ran into problems (yes, there may be a few) the staff, particularly Carrie was vital in guiding me through the process and ensuring that everything was in order.

For some people the prospect of picking up and moving to a new country can be quite terrifying, particularly those who have never lived outside of their home country. As a recent college graduate, I was unsure on how to establish myself in Taiwan. Thankfully, I had a strong support group to assist me in getting on my feet once I arrived.

More importantly, they prepared me for the experience before I left my home in New York. To the credit of the Reach to Teach employees, they exhibited a tremendous amount of patience by answering all of my queries and I assure you that there were quite a few. It can be a strenuous process and it is incredibly useful to have people to rely upon who can help sift through all of the information and provide you with sound advice.

One of the other great things about RTT is that soon after I was in Taiwan they invited all of the teachers in Taiwan to a Reach To Teach event. It may sound inconsequential but one of the hardest parts of acclimating to a new country can be overcoming the language barrier and meeting new people.

This is an area where RTT clearly excels and that should be encouraging to those who are afraid that they may be unable to make friends in Taiwan. There will be a few bumps in the road while trying to secure employment in Taiwan and there are few better equipped to assist you than the folks at RTT.

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