Interviews With Our Teachers

Do you want to know what a typical day in the life of a Reach To Teach teacher is all about? Learn from our teachers through this series of interviews that offer insight into daily life abroad, adventures in and out of the classroom, their first impressions of their adopted country, and tips for first time ESL teachers.

Reach To Teach China Teacher Interviews

Interview with Haley Williams slide

Haley is currently teaching young children in Shanghai, China with her boyfriend. She made the incredible leap from the vast expanses of Alaska to the big city life of Shanghai. Haley recommends packing a little extra patience to make the journey to Shanghai,  especially if you don’t speak Chinese. It’s a different culture with a different style of living, and it takes some getting used to.

No matter what, always remember that you are a guest in a foreign country, so be respectful. Click To Tweet


Interview with Kirsty GraceTeach English in Shanghai

This week we bring you a teacher from Scotland who decided to make the leap from working with children in London to teaching in Doha,
Qatar. After a year in Qatar, she decided to teach in Shanghai for a year. She loves the hustle and bustle of this beautiful and vibrant city in China.

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Madison MacNicholInterview with Madison MacNichol 

Madison is teaching in Tianjin and having the experience of a lifetime. She is from the beautiful state of Idaho. Madison is new to the ESL teaching profession. She received her TESOL certification in Cambodia before moving to Tianjin to teach young learners.

I work at a language school during the evening and weekend with days off during the week. Click To Tweet


Sarah Nighbor HikingInterview with Sara Nighbor 

Meet Sara Nighbor, a fun and enthusiastic teacher hailing from Wisconsin and teaching in the beautiful location of Kunming, China. She made the move from law to teaching. Sara says that the people of Kuming were extremely kind to her. They loved asking questions about what it was like to live in America.

The cost of everything in Kunming is super low; I spend about $1 on my dinner every night. Click To Tweet


image1Interview with Shanick Augustin

Shanick made the move from teaching in the USA to teaching English to children in Shanghai. She has nothing but great things to say about her year in China. If you’re thinking of teaching abroad, Shanick has these words of advice for you:

Put all of your fears aside! The transition is much easier than you think. Click To Tweet


Stefanus Hanekom with his class

Interview with Stefanus Hanekom

This week we interviewed Stefanus Hanekom, a South African teacher who took the plunge and made his first steps into a teaching career by moving all the way to Dongguan, China to teach young learners. Stefanus says it’s the first job he has had where he enjoyed coming in to work. It feels so good to be making a different in the children’s lives.

The teaching part is amazing. I love the children and the team that I work with is great. Click To Tweet



Reach To Teach Georgia Teacher Interviews

Please visit our Teach English in Georgia page for our interviews with teachers that are living and teaching in the Republic of Georgia. Our Teach in Georgia program has been closed since 2012 due to cutbacks with the Georgian Ministry of Education, but our teacher interviews still offer valuable insight into what life is like in the Republic of Georgia.

Interview with Britney Pace

The best advice I can give if you want to teach in Georgia is to go with an open mind. Click To Tweet

Interview with Isaac Gregson

Village life is simple but blessed. The people’s hospitality is beyond describable. Click To Tweet

Interview with Liane Nichols 

Most places in Georgia have yet to be tainted with increased tourism or tourist traps. Click To Tweet



Reach To Teach Singapore Teacher Interviews

Interview with Sara Moulten 

My favorite thing about teaching in Singapore is how multicultural the students are. Click To Tweet


Reach To Teach South Korea Teacher Interviews

Alana Bertozzi with her studentsInterview with Alana Bertozzi 

Alana Bertozzi has been teaching in Gumi, South Korea for the past two and a half years through the EPIK program. An avid traveler, Alana has enjoyed adventures all over Asia; she is an avid traveler with a passion for being on the road.

Come to Korea with an open mind. In Korea, everything is subject to change, especially at work. Click To Tweet

Caroline Hosey at a Temple


Interview with Caroline Hosey

There isn’t much that ESL teacher Caroline Hosey hasn’t done in the past three years that she has lived in Seoul, South Korea. Caroline is a regular volunteer at local orphanages, she’s fearless when it comes to food, and she rarely turns down an opportunity to learn more about her adoptive land. She plans on moving to Taiwan to teach English in the near future.

Teaching is the most intensive and eye opening way to experience Korean culture. Click To Tweet


First winter snowInterview with Chris Richards

American ESL teacher Chris Richards arrived in Asia in February 2012. He began his teaching career in South Korea with EPIK before moving on to teach high school students at DalSeo Technical High School in Daegu, South Korea. Just recently Chris began teaching at a local university in South Korea. He is also a valued member of our Reach To Teach South Korea team.

Korea is a last-minute culture. It's not uncommon to spend time on lessons, only to walk in and find out your class is cancelled. Click To Tweet


Chris SchannauerInterview with Chris Schannauer

Chris is currently teaching young leaners in South Korea. He made the move from Pennsylvania to Korea and although he hasn’t been there for long, his experiences have shown him a lot.

DO YOUR RESEARCH! There is a lot of preparation that must be done before coming to Korea. Click To Tweet


Daniel St. Clair in South KoreaInterview with Daniel St. Clair

We are joined this month by Daniel St. Clair who made the move all the way from the United States to Korea to teach with the EPIK program. Although Daniel is new to South Korea, this is not his first teaching experience through Reach To Teach. He also taught English at one of our schools in Taipei. Today, Daniel shares some of his adventures teaching abroad in South Korea.

Teaching at a public school in South Korea is a strange beast. 40-minute lessons fly by. Click To Tweet


2015 Interview with Geoffrey DeSena 

Geoffrey was born and raised in northern Colorado. He is a first year teacher in Seoul and he teaches with one of our private schools in SouthDeSena Korea.

Geoffrey joined the Reach To Teach travel blogging team in August 2015.

With the first month of classes complete, I have gained an unbelievable amount of confidence. Click To Tweet


Jared Berg in South KoreaInterview with Jared Berg

Teacher Jared is currently teaching in South Korea. He made the move from Miami to Korea and although he hasn’t been there for long, his experiences have shown him a lot. Continue reading to find out what Jared thinks of his life in Asia, what he does for fun, and how he enjoys teaching English to young learners in the land of kimchi.

Expect the unexpected! I’m sorry if that’s somewhat vague advice, but it may be the best I’ve received. Click To Tweet


Megan Tighe in South Korea

Interview with Megan Tighe

Megan Tighe is an American teacher who has been through the EPIK program. She was kind enough to answer them for us sharing her views on her experience. 

Be patient. The process is tedious, especially if you plan to apply for a public school position. Click To Tweet


Hiking in KoreaInterview with Moses Allen

Introducing Moses Allen, an extremely active individual who is currently teaching in Korea. Moses is an avid hiker and he really enjoys writing about the outdoor recreational activities that he is involved in.

Korean students are respectful because education is highly valued in Korean society. Click To Tweet


Sarah Steinmetz Color RunInterview with Sarah Steinmetz 

Sarah is a New Hampshire girl teaching English in South Korea. Here she tells us all about her time spent in South Korea so far.

The education system in Korea is quite different from the system in the US. Click To Tweet


Tiffany Molyneux loves KoreaInterview with Tiffany Molyneux

Meet Tiffany, who flew to South Korea all the way from Florida, USA to teach through the EPIK program in South Korea. Formerly a kindergarten teacher in the States, Tiffany offers lots of tips and advice about teaching in South Korea.

I would advise anyone interested in teaching in South Korea to go for it! Click To Tweet




Reach To Teach Taiwan Teacher Interviews

2015 Interview with Alexander Lewandowski2015-04-19_13.58.14

Alexander is an American teacher hailing from Illinois. He moved to Taipei in February 2015 and he lives in Banciao, New Taipei.

Alex describes himself as an easy going person who enjoys music, being outside, exploring new places and learning about different cultures.

Teaching in Taiwan has been a fantastic experience so far. I find myself having as much fun as my students. Click To Tweet


2015 Interview with Amy Harper 

Amy left her life behind in the UK to pursue a teaching position in South Korea. Not satisfied with just one location in Asia, she set her goals to Amy Harper cooking classmake the move to teaching in Taiwan where she currently teaches young learners in Taoyuan.

Although she isn’t a huge fan of Taiwanese food it doesn’t stop her from trying all the weird and wonderful things on offer here.

After living in South Korea, Taiwan is very relaxed and friendly. It's exactly what I wanted. Click To Tweet


2014 Interview with Andie Ayala

Andie is a 24-year-old American teacher who arrived in Taiwan in February 2014. She has always dreamed of traveling, but she didn’t knowAndie in class how she could make that happen without breaking her wallet. She lives in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Andie has recently signed on for her second year in Taiwan.

Am I ready to be viewed as a foreigner everywhere I go? Am I ready to try different ways of thinking? Click To Tweet


2014 Interview with Andrew GordonTeaching in Taiwan

We’d like to introduce you to Andrew Gordon, a Reach To Teach teacher who has been teaching at a Taipei public school since late 2012.

Andrew shows a lot of support to our new teachers at all of our events.

Get in touch with Reach to Teach. They can answer your questions or connect you with other teachers. Click To Tweet


Brett Cleveland And Friends2015 Interview with Brett Cleveland

Brett Cleveland has just hit his half way mark in Taipei, Taiwan and it sounds like he is having a blast.

I won’t sugarcoat this and say every day is awesome. It’s like any job. You’ll have good days and difficult days. Click To Tweet


Brooke O'BrienInterview with Brooke O’Brien 

Hailing from the Midwest, Brooke O’Brien decided to make the leap across the proverbial pond to begin her teaching adventures in Taipei in July 2012. Brooke taught young learners in Northern Taiwan before heading home to get her teaching certification. 

It’s been very gratifying to see the progress in my students’ English abilities. Click To Tweet


Casey and Dan Teachers in TaipeiInterview with Dan and Casey

Meet Dan and Casey, two high school sweethearts who got hitched and decided on a blissful married life of travel and teaching. These two little lovebirds hail from North Carolina and really have the travel bug! Read on to hear how much they love teaching and how they live up every weekend exploring the island and its surroundings.

Before deciding to teach English, it’s extremely important to know what you want out of it. What are your goals? Click To Tweet


Eliza Pennell in Taiwan2014 Interview with Eliza Pennell

Eliza Pennell arrived in Taiwan in the summer of 2014. She is a young and fun teacher who finished college in the States and decided to begin her teaching adventure in Taipei, Taiwan.

I love the other foreign teachers I work with, I love my students, I love that I have this amazing job. Click To Tweet


2015 Interview with Eric Adams 

Eric is a recent college graduate from Maryland who has been teaching in Taiwan for the last year.

These last few months in Taipei has been his 10649864_863532496991911_6518816088795375675_nfirst living abroad experience.

Eric has recently joined the Reach To Teach team as our new Social Events Coordinator for Taiwan.

Eric in Taiwan: My school is great and the schedule is ideal. Click To Tweet


teacher and students in masks

2014 Interview with Hayden Jared 

Hayden Jared hails from Idaho, USA, and he arrived in Taipei in the summer of 2014. He is a certified teacher in Idaho, and he has recently completed his Masters in Education. After all that hard work, Hayden was ready to live it up a little in Taipei. He is currently teaching young learners at one of our most popular schools in Taipei.

The more that I commit myself to loving my students and teaching with passion, the faster my students learn. Click To Tweet


Heather RichardsInterview with Heather Richards

Heather Richards, also known in the travel blogosphere as the Traveling Vanilla Bean, has been teaching at a local buxiban in Taipei City. Heather moved to Prague to teach English in August 2013.

Really think about what you want from the year before choosing what city to live in. Click To Tweet

2015 Interview with Jimmy Hunt 

Meet Jimmy Hunt, an Australian teacher who has been teaching at a Reach To Teach school in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Jimmy is a young and P3Aadventurous guy with a real thirst to see the world. Jimmy says that there is very little English spoken in Hsinchu, but other than that it’s reasonably similar to Australia or America – it’s safe (actually much safer), modern (with some ancient buildings and traditions thrown in), and there’s great food. I was in Cambodia for a month beforehand and that was a big change, but it didn’t take me long to get settled.

Reach To Teach were really helpful and told me everything I needed to know before arriving. Click To Tweet

Katy LucidInterview with Katy Lucid

From the big city of New York to the big city of Taipei, Katy made the move to Taipei following a year abroad in China. She has been teaching English in Taipei for over a year, and in that time she has managed to see and do a lot of things all over Taiwan.

For traveling around Taiwan, the high speed rail is great for getting to different cities around the island. Click To Tweet

Kelly Scooter-GirlInterview with Kelly Chapeskie

Want to know about living, teaching and eating in Taiwan from someone who is currently doing just that? I thought you might. Here’s an interview with world traveler Kelly Chapeskie from Ontario, Canada. She moved to Taiwan through Reach To Teach in late 2013, and is currently living the dream in Kaohsiung.

I didn’t expect it, but one year turned out to be very insufficient! Click To Tweet



Interview with Mary Ochiltree

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” (Seneca)  – This is one of my favorite quotes, because for me, it is true. In college I studied and lived abroad in Ireland for four months, and the experience changed my life.

The opportunity to teach in Taiwan allows me to use my education while exploring another country. Click To Tweet


Max Pizzini in TaiwanInterview with Max Pizzini

American ESL teacher Max Pizzini arrived on the beautiful island of Formosa in June 2012. He taught elementary aged students at a popular buxiban in Taoyuan in Northern Taiwan. He started his second year in Taiwan teaching English at a private school in Taipei.

The best part is a combination of the people and the lifestyle. Most people I encounter are incredibly generous. Click To Tweet


Teacher MichelleInterview with Michelle Brent

My name is Michelle and I’m originally from Buffalo, New York. I came to Taiwan because I wanted the opportunity to grow as an individual while doing something that I love.

Once I met my students and taught my very first class; nothing could compare to that feeling. I love teaching in Taiwan. Click To Tweet


1520761_859981467347465_2536040214799203478_nInterview with Rob and Victoria

Rob and Victoria are an American couple teaching in Taipei. Read on to discover their hints and tips on the best places to go to in Taipei, best blogs to visit, and things to do as well as their views on teaching in Taipei.

After looking at some pictures, and learning that I could surf, jump into a hot spring, AND study Tai Chi Chuan, I took no further convincing. Click To Tweet


2014 Interview with Sara Keyes

Sara is an American teacher in Taipei, Taiwan. She’s a an adventurous person with good humor a winning personality, something she has Sara Adam and Chiang Kai Checkbrought with her and shared with many in Taiwan.

Sara has recently returned home and she will be missed by all of us here at Reach To Teach.

It has been different from teaching back home, but I've really had the chance to learn about myself. Click To Tweet


Sarah Vies

Interview with Sarah Vied 

Meet Sarah Vied, a Reach To Teach teacher that has been teaching in Taipei since summer 2013. Sarah is  a proud southerner from the USA. She is originally from a small town called Princeton in western Kentucky. This is Sarah’s second year teaching and living abroad, but this is the first time she has been to Taiwan. She teaches at a private school in Taipei.

I enjoy getting to act like a big kid every day, and we laugh and play a lot—kids are so hilarious! Click To Tweet


Woman breathing fire2011 Interview with Sam Simile

Today we are joined by Samantha Simile, a Reach To Teach teacher from Pennsylvania who has been wowing her students in Xi’an, China and Tucheng, Taiwan with her circus skills. Samantha is accomplished at stilt-walking,  fire-breathing, and she’s incredibly bendy (As you’ll see from her photos!).  Samantha is teaching young learners in Taiwan in Tucheng, New Taipei City.

I love all of my students and have formed very close bonds with them. I just go in and have a blast. Click To Tweet


Zach and Shay in Taiwan2011 Interview with Zach and Shay

Zach and Shay are high school sweethearts who made the move to Taiwan from Chicago. They also run a popular blog that provides tips and advice on paying down student loans while teaching abroad. Read on to hear about their unique and interesting insights into Taiwanese culture and their observations on life in Taiwan. Zach and Shay are still in Taiwan, and they have no plans on leaving any time soon. They both highly recommend teaching English in Taiwan.

The culture of Taiwan is the biggest draw for us and it is what has kept us here for years. Click To Tweet

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