Teach English In Taiwan

Teach English in Taiwan

What will you find if you decide to teach English in Taiwan? Friendly people, ancient temples, modern bustling cities, fantastic food, gorgeous hiking spots, and beautiful coastal beaches are just a small part of the unique lifestyle you will find in beautiful Taiwan.

Taiwan is a country of contrast, where cutting edge modern conveniences lie below a traditional culture that remains strong today.

There are many opportunities for adventure to be found while teaching in Taiwan. From discovering the chaotic city night markets, to hiking on Yangminshan to lounging on the beaches of Kenting, you will find there is plenty to explore.

Here are some great reasons for teaching in Taiwan in 2024:

  • Teachers in Taiwan earn at least US$2,100 to $2,800 per month depending on your education, certifications, and teaching certifications. The cost of living In Taiwan is low and there are plenty of opportunities to save.
  • After your first three months in Taiwan and after you’ve got yourself set up, you can start saving your money. On average, teachers in Taiwan can save around $10,000 US during their first year abroad. (Of course, this depends on your lifestyle.)
  • Taiwan has a world-class healthcare system which includes dental care.
  • Personal growth: Teaching abroad allows an individual to better understand their own growth. Learn more about who you are and where you come from.

Yangmingshan Hiking event with Reach To Teach

If you want to immerse yourself in Chinese culture and learn Mandarin Chinese while still having all the modern conveniences available, teaching in Taiwan is for you!

Reach To Teach currently works with a large number of reputable client schools offering ESL jobs in Taiwan. Your salary as an English teacher will be more than enough to live a comfortable lifestyle and save for trips around Taiwan and to other countries in Asia! Our positions start at NT$65,000 per month. (Approximately $2,300US per month.)

Reach To Teach accepts applications to teach English in Taiwan throughout the year.


Our busiest months are June through August and January through February. We accept applications year-round!

Apply through our Job Board

Important Update: Our Job Board format is changing in 2024. We are moving to simple job adverts for teachers.

Thus you only need to complete the main job application to be considered for all positions we have in Taiwan and South Korea.

Requirements to Teach English in Taiwan – Private Schools 

  • Full university degree. Note that the government does not accept online degrees or degrees that have been partially completed online. If you completed part of your degree online, the cutoff for acceptance in Taiwan is a minimum of 50% of your classes conducted at school.
  • At least a 100-hour TEFL certification. Our schools prefer teachers that have a 120-hour+ TEFL Certification
  • A clean national Criminal Background Check (CBC). This law was implemented in July 2017. You cannot get a work permit without a valid CBC that is valid within a six-month period.
  • You must be from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, and the United States to teach at the schools that Reach To Teach is affiliated with.
  • MAY 2023 UPDATE: We are so happy to say that our schools are no longer requiring proof of vaccinations for teaching in Taiwan.

Requirements to Teach English in Taiwan  – Public Schools

  • BA in Education OR Masters Degree PLUS a valid teaching credential from your home country


  • BA in any discipline PLUS a valid teaching certification in your home country PLUS a full year of formal teaching experience in a Western public school system
  • Certified to teach in the public school system in your home country OR have a sub teaching certification from your home country.
  • Taipei public schools that Reach To Teach is affiliated with DO NOT accept sub teaching licenses unless you are already in Taiwan and have plenty of formal classroom teaching experience. You must have a full teaching license from your home country to teach at public schools in Taipei.

English Teaching Jobs – CELTA, TEFL and TESOL Qualified Teachers

Are you a qualified teacher looking for TEFL jobs in Taiwan?

Reach To Teach offers ESL jobs for well qualified teachers, including TESOL jobs & CELTA jobs in Taiwan. Whether you are a TEFL, CELTA or TESOL qualified teacher, a recent University graduate, or just looking for a change from your current job, teaching English in Taiwan may be just what you are looking for! Earn US$2,100 to $2,800 per month (NT$60,000-90,000) or $22US per hour. Enjoy a low cost of living & more!

For those who have a passion for other cultures and enjoy being around children, there is no better way to experience life than teaching English in Asia.

In Taiwan, you will be teaching English to Taiwanese children anywhere from age 4-15 years old. Fun and games are emphasized! If your students learn without knowing they are learning, you can feel you have done your job as their English teacher.

Typical Job Duties of an ESL Teacher in Taiwan

As you teach English abroad in Taiwan, your ESL job duties will include the following:

  1. 20-25 in class teaching hours per week
  2. 10-15 office hours per week. This will primarily be spent in the preparation of ESL lesson plans
  3. Teacher training is also provided and your school will have materials for use during ESL lesson preparation

At first glance, teaching in Taiwan may not seem like a particularly demanding job.

However, being in front of a classroom full of children can be a real challenge. It takes careful preparation and real caring for your students.

Teaching English to young students is an important responsibility. On a day to day basis, part of a teacher’s job is to prepare lesson plans. An active and interesting classroom atmosphere is always encouraged! In addition to your time spent in the classroom you will administer tests, grade papers and participate in school meetings with your Taiwanese co-teachers.

Read our Teach English in Taiwan FAQ Page for further information.

Teach English in Taiwan – The Benefits of an ESL Job

The benefits of a first-year teaching position in Taiwan include the following:

  1. A monthly salary of NT$63,000 MINIMUM at private schools (ANNOUNCEMENT: You’ll earn NT$700 per hour or more with hourly positions. We no longer work with schools that offer a hourly rate below NT$700 per teaching hour.)
  2. Airport collection
  3. Assistance in finding housing if you are outside of Taipei and New Taipei. Some of our schools offer temporary housing for your first week in Taiwan.
  4. A work permit and ARC
  5. Health insurance coverage
  6. At Reach To Teach, we support you throughout your year (or more!)

Many of our teachers move on to higher paying jobs when they choose to stay on for a second year or more. An ESL job teaching English in Taiwan is rewarding and challenging.

Why Teach English in Taiwan?

There are many excellent locations for ESL jobs in Asia. Many teachers choose to accept ESL jobs in Korea and China. Some choose to work in ESL jobs in Japan, Thailand or Vietnam. While there are many options, Taiwan is an increasingly popular choice for ESL teachers.

Taiwan is a safe, well developed country, with a rich Chinese cultural history and provides great opportunities to save money. The above factors combined with support from Reach To Teach make Taiwan an attractive choice!

Watch this short and informative video that was filmed at Reach To Teach’s 2015 Summer Meet and Greet, including video testimonials from our teachers.

Interview with Carrie Kellenberger – Teach in Taiwan

What can you expect if you decide to teach English in Taiwan with Reach To Teach?

Go Abroad interview with Carrie Kellenberger

Watch a video of one of our Reach To Teach teachers to learn what it’s like living and working in Taiwan.

The Reach To Teach Community

Reach To Teach teachers in Taiwan on a day outingReach To Teach has a great community of English teachers in Taiwan. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of moving halfway across the world, you are not alone.

With Reach To Teach teachers arriving each month, there will be many opportunities to meet new and interesting people.

Everyone here at Reach To Teach has taught English abroad.

We understand the anxiety that comes with considering a move halfway across the world for an ESL job. With that in mind, remember that all questions are good questions! We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with your decision and we will do our best to ensure you find housing in Taipei or wherever else you are living, we’ll check in regularly, and we are always open to helping you if you have questions.

Leaving your home country to teach English in Taiwan is an exciting and adventurous choice. It’s important to be sure you have as much information as possible so you can concentrate on enjoying your year (or more!) teaching English in Taiwan.

Please consult our Teach English in Taiwan FAQ Page for further information.