Korean Private School (Hagwon) Application Process

Korean Private School (Hagwon) Application Process

Updated September 2021

We’ve provided a flow chart for the Korean private school (hagwon) application process.

After you apply online you will be contacted by our placement coordinator and will be sent information on country-specific documents you will need to complete the visa application process.

  1. Apply through our online application at ReachToTeachRecruiting.com. Make sure to choose your location when you apply.
  2. Reach To Teach will review your application and be in contact through email. Make sure to check your spam folder just in case.
  3. Reach To Teach will send you country specific information on how to go about gather the documents that you’ll need in order to teach in Korea.
  4. You will be sent out information on available openings based on your preferences and school qualification requirements from your placement coordinator. (Most schools require a TEFL certificate.)
  5. After choosing a school, you will interview directly with the school. 
  6. Typically your placement coordinator will receive your interview results within 48 hours.
  7. If you agree that you’d like to teach for the school that you interviewed with, you will sign a contract and send it back to your placement coordinator.
  8. After agreeing to a contract, you’ll need to send your visa documents to the school in Korea, so that they can apply for your VIN number. Your placement coordinator will tell you how to do this.
  9. Once the school has your VIN number, they will send it to you. Then you can apply for your E-2 visa at your nearest Korean consulate.
  10. Once your visa is processed, you can book your flight to Korea. Sometimes this is handled by the school directly. Your placement coordinator will let you know how to proceed.


If you ever have any questions about the private school (hagwon) application process, please contact your coordinator directly through email.

While you will see many different types of salaries and positions posted online, the vast majority of private schools start teachers out at 2.1 to 2.4m Won a month depending on experience.

Reach To Teach also has hagwons that pay up to 2.7m Won a month, but these positions require more work and teaching hours than most hagwons hence the increase in pay.

While most people would like to earn the highest amount of salary they can, please be aware that higher salaries at hagwons normally come with more responsibilities. If you are a first time teacher, it may not be in your best interest to take the highest paying job available to you.

Normally the higher paying schools require more classroom teaching hours, which leads to more prep-time. A lot of first year teachers struggle with prepping for classes in the beginning as schools have a curriculum that they want you to follow.

Please know that Reach To Teach is here to help you find the right position for you. If you have any questions throughout the process, don’t be afraid to ask!

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