Reach To Teach Events

Reach To Teach Events

Montly Events with Reach To Teach

One of the best parts about our jobs here at Reach To Teach is meeting the teachers we work with. We thank all of you who have come out in the past to join us in events.

Please know that we are always here for our teachers and you can reach your Reach To Teach recruiter at any time for support before, during, and even after your year abroad.

We are not hosting as many events as we used to simply because we’ve noticed that attendance has dropped significantly as Facebook has added more events in and around Taipei. But we’re always happy to organize an event when asked.

Our annual fall Meet & Greet in November is always well attended. We hope to see you there!


We will no longer be organizing or releasing event information through the Reach To Teach Facebook Page


Check out our Taiwan Event Album on Facebook for photos of past events.

Reach To Teach has been throwing monthly events for our teachers in Taiwan since 2006, but in the past few years we’ve started to back off of our monthly events because there are so many events happening in Taiwan lately.

Taiwan Events and Activities – As much as Reach To Teach would like to keep hosting events for teachers, we’ve seen a significant decline in attendance at our events with the addition of Facebook. Additionally, we have had issues with booking venues and having teachers commit only to not show up. This leaves Reach To Teach to pay for the costs of the venue.

Scroll down for information on our twice-yearly events in South Korea, which occur when our EPIK teachers arrive in August and February each year. 

Shrimp Fishing in Taiwan with Reach To Teach

Shrimp Fishing in Taipei

Seafood is always an interesting option for dining, and Taiwan has no shortage there. Why not brave the rough seas and go shrimping with us at one of our shrimping events in Taipei? Okay, so maybe it’s not an ocean, but more like a pool, inside a building, with an adjoining restaurant. 

For those who haven’t been shrimping in Taiwan before, it’s always a fun event that is well attended. The shrimp buildings have enormous pools inside which are filled with murky water and shrimp.

When you enter, you get a fishing rod and some bait and you sit next to the pool edge and try to catch shrimp. You eat whatever you catch by bbq-ing the shrimp at the restaurant grill. (You can also order food there if you’re terrible at fishing.)

Our shrimping events last about two hours with teachers hailing from all over the island. The cost is generally around NT$500 for one rod. Most teachers choose to share a rod for two hours, but you can pay full price for a full two hours of shrimping if you’re so inclined.

RTT always organizes a shrimping contest as well. We ask each teacher to chip in NT$100. The rules were simple: Whoever catches the most shrimp in two hours takes home the pot.

Check out some of our shrimp fishing photos here.

Hiking in Wulai Day Trip, Taiwan

Hiking in Wulai Day Trip – Waterfalls, hot springs and hiking 

Wulai is a gorgeous little aboriginal village in Northern Taiwan, just 40 minutes from Taipei City. Its known as one of the top hot spring areas in Taipei, boasting several waterfalls and stunning hiking trails.

Wulai was once a prime hunting ground for the Atayal tribe. Its name means boiling water, which refers to the number of hot springs in the area.

Most people go to Wulai for the hot springs, but you can hike and swim in the refreshing mountain streams. This is also an excellent place for bird-watching and a terrific area to look at the cherry blossoms during the months of January through March.

Reach To Teach Hiking Event in Taiwan

Neihu Trail Hike

Fresh air, stunning views and as always dazzling company!

Come and enjoy a relatively relaxed walk in nature and admire the city-scape views. We walk from Tianmu to Neihu through a trail with temples and monuments along the way. The end of the trail takes us into Neihu where we grab some food before we hop on MRT and head for home.

Wear sensible footwear for walking, comfortable clothes, and bring a rain jacket just in case! Be sure to have enough water and some snacks for your day of hiking.

We also have information here for those of you who are interested in hiking on Yangmingshan.

Pub Nights in Taiwan!Reach To Teach Pub Night in Taipei

LOCATION: Pub nights tend to be our most popular events. Our staff will do their best to organize a selection of cheap drinks and food to choose from. Come and relax after a week of work, socialize among friends and indulge at one of our pub events.

It’s important that you RSVP for these events so we can add you to our drinks list. If you don’t, you’ll end up paying full price.

Our favorite Taipei haunts include:

Whalen’s – Poutine, Poutine, Poutine – All Night LongWhalen's Poutine Eating Event November 2014_6

Whalen’s Poutinery is a well known pub-style restaurant in Taipei that serves up fantastic homestyle food, including the absolutely best poutines in Taiwan.

They have an excellent selection of beers, spirits, and wines. The pub can accommodate up to 35 people seated, which is typically the perfect number for our events.

Our Whalen’s events are always small, cozy, and fantastic food!

Seafood Extravaganza

The Shrimp Daddy

One of our favorite places for a good night out that includes great food, great drinks, and a private party space that includes a wall sized television, dart boards, and a table for beer pong? Parkson and his team always give us a great deal on their specialty seafood and drink list. Our events at The Shrimp Daddy in Taipei are always well attended.

The Shrimp Daddy always offers Southern style seafood at its best. This restaurant is a one-of-a-kind place in Taiwan, and their business is booming! From deep fried calamari and crab claws to giant bags of mixed seafood, this is one restaurant you’re going to enjoy getting dirty with. No chopsticks. No utensils. Just good old-fashioned American style seafood washed down with ice-cold beer!

The Shrimp Daddy offers fantastic food and service in a prime location in Taipei. Our Reach To Teach events are held in the Rec Room, which boasts enough room to accommodate 40 guests with seating, as well as a giant big screen television, beer pong, and darts.

  • Lobster, Soft Shell Crab, King Crab Legs, Fried Calamari, Beer Battered Fish
  • Chicken wings, Gumbo, Sweet Potato Fries, and much, much more!

Xien-Ding-Wei Seafood Restaurant

Ever feel like you don’t have someone to properly introduce you to Taiwanese seafood dishes? Check out one of our seafood dinner parties at Xien-Ding-Wei seafood restaurant. Please note: Because of the large number of people attending, you must RSVP and pay in advance.

Location: 鮮定味 Xien-Ding-Wei


  • Lobster
  • Sashimi
  • Over 10 other different Taiwanese dishes
  • Taiwan Beer 70NT each / Asahi 70NT each (not included)
  • Heineken 100NT each / Carlsberg 100NT each (not included)

Check out some photos from our latest dinner party at Xien-Ding-Wei.

Flag Football in Taiwan

The Reach To Teach flag football team! Our boys took home the trophy in 2007. There are a number of sports teams that you can join in Taiwan. You can join local basketball, football, rugby, and soccer leagues in Taipei.

KTV in TaipeiSoju_S_Carrie, Shay, Romona and Courtney - Reach To Teach KTV Night

Come and belt your favorite tunes out at one of our KTV nights. KTV is always one of our most popular events for teachers. We’ve got a great selection of venues to choose from. KTV in Taiwan is a night you won’t want to miss.

Plus it’s a great way to improve your Chinese. Check out some of our past KTV events to see just how much fun you’re in for or browse through our KTV nights photo gallery in Taipei.

Pool Parties in Taipei

Come out and enjoy some good, clean, wholesome fun at one of our pool party events in Taipei.

Reach To Teach is partnered with Frog in a Sock Entertainment, the guys behind some of Taiwan’s best parties. They host their Havana Pool Parties each summer and they are also well known for their Halloween Resurrection parties. Reach To Teach hosts a meet and greet at Havana Pool Parties each summer. Come out and enjoy some fun in the sun with some great people and some terrific beats at Road Castle Water Park. We promise you’ll have a blast. Havana RTT Collage


BBQ Night for our Spring and Summer Arrivals in South KoreaSouth Korea BBQ Night with Reach To Teach

Each year, Reach To Teach hosts a Korean BBQ dinner for our spring arrivals in South Korea. Come out, enjoy some great food and make some new friends! The cost for dinner is approximately $10USD per person for 90 minutes of BBQ deliciousness.

***John and Jason will be in touch with you to let you know about your arrival dinner BEFORE you arrive in South Korea.

Our 2017 Summer Korean BBQ near Incheon was a great success. We packed the restaurant, just like we do every year. We hope you enjoyed the feast!

Pub Crawl in Itaewon, Seoul

For all our teachers in Korea, it’s a great time to meet new and interesting fellow teachers!

Where: We always start things off at The Wolfhound in Itaewon.
Directions: The Wolfhound is near the Itaewon Subway Station. Take line 6 to Itaewon Station and take exit 4 to the street. From the station turn to your right and walk to the first intersection.

Take a right here and walk to the first alley on your right. We are about 20 meters down the alley on the right on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Pub Night at The Wolfhound Irish Pub

  • A fantastic selection of beer including Guinness, Kilkenny, Hoegaarden, Alley Cat & many more
  • Exceptional food featuring shepherds pie, an all day Irish breakfast, fish n’ chips, steaks, bangers n’ mash & more

    Seoul Day Trip with Reach To Teach

A Visit To Myeong-dong, Seoul

A culinary tour for our new 2017 summer arrivals in Korea in Myeong-dong. Myeongdong is a neighborhood in Jung-gu, Seoul that is well known for being a main shopping and tourism district.


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