Shrimp Fishing Photos

Reach To Teach Shrimp Fishing Photos

ESL Teachers Jessica Wang and Katelin Sims ESL Teachers Jessice Wang and Skye Ycas ESL Teachers Dave and our very own Gillian Jessice and Josh with their catch The girls did very well fishing
Skye won the prize for the most shrimp caught Gillian cooking her catch Gillian giving the camera the 'evil' eye Dave enjoyed cooking more than catching Katelin preparing a feast
Skye and Katelin playing with their food Jessica, Natashia and Josh all hoping to catch dinner Skye and Katelin cooking their fresh dinner The shrimp are as delicious as they look! The shrimp fishing venue
Enjoying some beer and shrimp after a hard days work Enjoying some beer and shrimp after a hard days work Enjoying some beer and shrimp after a hard days work They didn't last long.. Yummy! The shrimp were awesome
Josh and Jessica hoping to catch more Jessica, Skye and Kenzie fishing for their dinner Gillian is a very proud fisher-woman Skye with her one of many shrimp catches Jessica with a huge shrimp!
Dave did very well Kenzie with the catch of the day The whole Reach To Teach Gang


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