Chile Country Guide

Guide to Living and Teaching English in Chile

We have compiled a list of topics for our Chile Country Guide in order to better serve our teachers who are headed to this area to teach abroad. Please let us know how we’re doing and whether there are additional resources you’d like to see here. To do that, please write to

About Chile

Chile - Culture

Isolated and rugged, the long, narrow strip of land known as Chile has a culture and identity distinct from the rest of the region.

Chile - history

Chile’s fascinating¬†history extends back as far as 2000BC.

Chile - language

In Chile, the predominant language is Spanish. Whether you are making a serious effort to take your Spanish to the next level, or just picking up a few essential words and phrases, being able to communicate with your Chilean students, friends, and host family will make a big difference!

Chile - weather

Stretching over 2,600 miles from north to south, Chile spans seven dramatically different climatic regions, which results in different weather patterns all over the country.

Chile - map

Here is a useful map of Chile and where it is in relation to other countries in South America.

Chile - etiquette

Understanding Chilean culture and the ins and outs of Chilean etiquette may not be as difficult as one might think.

Chile - food

 Chilean cuisine presents you with a diverse array of mouth-watering dishes. Spanish influences mixed with local Chilean ingredients and regional specialties create delicious and flavorful meals.

Housing in Chile

ESL teachers in Chile can generally chose to find their own housing or work within a program that offers free room and board with a host family.

Chile - transportation

Wondering how you’re going to get around when you’re in Chile? Here are some helpful tips and advice for using various means of transportation in Chile.

Services in Chile

Chile - phones

While you are traveling throughout Chile, you will probably want to have a local phone number to keep in touch.

Chile - internet

Internet cafes in Chile can be found in most urban areas.

Chile - medical

Here is some information on what you can expect from medical services in Chile.

Chile embassies

Here is a list of foreign embassies in Chile, should you ever need their services.