Health Care in Georgia

Health Care in Georgia
Healthcare in Georgia

TLG teachers receive basic national medical coverage that covers them for almost any emergency that arises. Overall, the national health insurance that you are provided with as a teacher in Georgia will be more than enough coverage for regular visits with the doctor, blood tests, and injuries. Your health coverage in Georgia will not cover emergencies that require you to be transported back home or to another European country, nor will it cover extended stays in the hospital due to surgery or illness.

With that said, health care in Georgia is not generally up to western standards. Medical centers in Tbilisi and other major urban areas are comparable to most public medical centers in developed countries around the world. For this reason, we suggest that you go to a large city for emergency situations. It is recommended that serious injuries or ailments are treated elsewhere.

We recommend that you purchase medical insurance in your home country. Basic travel insurance will NOT cover your time working in Georgia, or in any foreign country. Travel insurance only covers tourists. As such, you will need to purchase Expat Insurance. Rates vary depending on your age and general health; some packages can be as little as $0.80/day.


Doctors in GeorgiaMedicine for personal use is generally not a problem in most countries, and the same is true for Georgia. If you are planning on bringing a large supply of medicine for your time in Georgia, please consult the Georgian embassy or consulate about the type and quantity of medicine that you wish to bring with you.

Individuals who have medical conditions such as diabetes should contact the Georgian Diabetes Center for more information.

Georgian Diabetes Center
5, Ljubjiana str.
Tel: 995 32 527010
Fax: 995 32 940081

Insulin is available in Georgia. Actrapid, for example, can be bought in Georgia and the cost for one ampoule (with 33 units) is 16 GEL (approximately $9 USD). Inculotard is also available for the same price. Humulin R and Humulin N are not sold in Georgia. Pen sets can be bought in Georgia for 65 GEL (approximately $38 USD). Accu-Chek Active strips are also available in Georgia at 60 GEL for 50 strips.

Applicants with other health concerns are encouraged to research and directly inquire with the relevant health associations in Georgia. Failure to disclose a medical condition before arriving in Georgia could result in being asked to return home at your own expense.


Before traveling to Georgia, please check with your health practitioner to determine which immunizations you might need while you are in Goergia.