Weather in Georgia

Weather in Georgia
Weather in Georgia

Georgia may be a small mountainous country with unparalleled natural beauty, yet its climate is extremely diverse. Georgia has two major climatic zones, which more or less divide its Eastern and Western regions. The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range plays an essential role in moderating Georgia’s climate, providing a buffer against the penetration of cold air masses from the north. The Lesser Caucasus Mountains also help to shield against the influence of dry and hot air masses from the south. Georgia’s moderate climate makes it a perfect place to work and live, and it proves to be a superb teaching destination for fans of the great outdoors and history buffs alike.


March through to the end of May is typically known as spring, with the wettest weather of the year occurring in May and in the autumn months. Overall, spring in Georgia is an exhilarating time of year that all Georgians look forward to, when the emergence of the country’s renowned dogwoods and azaleas announce that spring has arrived and summer is on its way.


Summers in Georgia are hot and dry, and generally average between 20-24°C. Beach resort towns are generally packed with vacationing Georgians throughout the summer months of June, July and August. Coastal areas, however, tend to be uncomfortably humid. The end of May through September are the best times to visit Georgia.


Georgia’s crisp and cold autumn weather boasts multi-colored trees and frost-covered grounds in many regions. Autumn, in addition to the latter months of spring, is typically known as the wet season. You are advised to dress in layers in order to protect yourself against Georgia’s temperamental weather conditions. Likewise, quick-dry clothing and rain gear are also smart items to pack if you will be visiting Georgia between the months of September, October, and November.


The winter months (late November to early March) are cold and snow is not uncommon. Count on temperatures between 2-4°C. Many visitors have likened Georgia’s winter weather to New England’s (USA) chilly winter temperatures. Winter sports fans will delight in Georgia’s solid winter climate, which boasts excellent skiing conditions on its snowcapped mountains.