Weather in the UAE

UAE WeatherIf you like the heat then you have come to the right place. The UAE is a hot country with a sub-tropical arid summer and a warm winter. In other words, you will never get cold. But never fear, this country is not bone dry. It still experiences rain, most of which comes in short torrential bursts, sometimes even leading to floods in the usually dry wadi beds.

The weather tends to stay similar amongst all of the areas, save Al Ain. If it’s scorching and bone dry in Dubai then it’s likely to be scorching and bone dry in Ajman. This is because most of the areas touch on the coast of the Gulf and the country is relatively small.

The further inland you go is basically more desert, here the climate varies slightly: the nights are cooler in winter and the air is slightly less humid in summer.

In certain areas you can find dust storms, which are not too desirable, however this is something one just needs to accept. Interestingly the mountainous region of Ras al-Khaimah has had snow only two times since weather records began.

The UAE is sometimes humorously described as only having 2 seasons, the hot season, and the really hot season. Basically winter and Summer.

The nice season: Winter

This season lasts from October to April and is the most pleasant time to visit the UAE, the heat is not unbearable and it can actually be quite nice. Be wary of the night time temperatures, as they can drop during the winter. During the morning hours temperatures drop as low as 10°C. This can then shoot up during the day time to highs around 27°C to 28°C.

Rain is more commonly found in these months; however do not expect huge amounts, on average it rains about 10 days a year in the UAE.

The not so nice season: Summer

Life can be made slightly difficult during the summer months due to the extreme heat. These months generally last from June to September and maintain a constant temperature and humidity even into the night time, with only a slight dip.

Almost every day you can expect temperatures to reach over 40°C almost every day and never really drops below 30°C. Humidity can be very high with a 90% air saturation due to the proximity of the Gulf which brings with it an almost suffocation salty sea air, making most people stay indoors in the air conditioning.

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