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Teach English in Jilin, Northern China

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Jilin (吉林; Pinyin: Jílín), is situated in a hilly area in Northern China. The name is thought to derive from a Manchu term meaning “along the river.” Because of its proximity to Korea and Mongolia, Jilin has been ruled by many different groups throughout its history. When the communist party took over, Jilin province was smaller, encompassing only the area of Changchun and Jilin City, and the capital was at Jilin City. In the 1950s, Jilin was expanded to its present borders.

Jilin is a popular destination for Japanese tourists who come each winter to view the spectacular ice-rimmed trees on display along the banks of the Songhua River. During the winter months, the Songhua River keeps flowing through Jilin despite the subfreezing temperatures and the vapor rising from the surface of the river freezes when it meets the pines and willows. This makes the tree branches and twigs look transparent, creating a unique and stunning effect called hard rime or hard frost.

It is along this same river that the largest species of mammoth, known as the Songhua Mammoth, was found. The famous wooly mammoth is much smaller than this ancestor, which was over 5 meters tall and 9 meters long. The average weight is thought to have been over 10 tons, about three times the average weight of the average giant African elephant.

Jilin is a small city by Chinese standards, with about one million people, but along with the river that runs through the city center, it is surrounded by mountainous foothills. One of those mountains, popular with tourists and hikers, is Changbai Mountain. The naming of this mountain has political connotations, as South Korea still claims rights to the entire mountain, although the North Korea government is said to have given part of it to China in a treaty.

There is a lot to see here, but most notably is the Changbai waterfall, which spills into Tianchi Lake. The lake itself was created by the eruption of a volcano in 906 AD. The volcano itself is still technically active, but not volatile. Trekking up this mountain to the lake and waterfall are best done in the summer months, as the lake is ice-covered during winter months.

Jilin/Changbai Mountain/长白山天池

For those interested in winter month activities, there are ski resorts just outside of Jilin City. Beidahu ski resort is considered the best ski resort in China because of its modern equipment and best snow. Because the area is completely surrounded by even higher mountains, there is little wind. There is snow from October to April, making for a long ski season. The resort has 12.5 kilometers of ski runs covered by 13 alpine trails. Day passes, which include everything from lift tickets to equipment rental, are 360 RMB, but there are discounts for shorter time frames and people who have their own equipment.

Requirements to Teach English in Jilin

  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. TEFL certificate 
  3. Teaching experience is preferred, but not mandatory
  4. Experience with children and enthusiasm for teaching
  5. A positive attitude and committed for a minimum of one year

Teaching positions in Jilin

All of our teaching positions in Jilin are with private language centers. You will teach a variety of ages and have a full teaching schedule. Housing is included and the opportunity to save money is great in a city with such a low cost of living! Click here to apply now.

What is the social life like in Jilin City?
Although Jilin is considered to be a small city by Chinese standards, it’s anything but small! Jilin is a modern and developed city that embraces both traditional Chinese and Western influences. There is a great variety of restaurants, bars and night clubs that cater to all tastes. Furthermore, teachers in Jilin and at our schools regularly get together for events that include bbq-ing, sporting events, or dinner parties. There is also a foreign food supermarket that offers a number of treats from back home.

How should I pack for Jilin?

Winters in Jilin are traditionally very cold, while summers are known for being hot and humid. If you’re arriving in September or later, make sure you pack a heavy winter coat. Winter accessories such as hats, gloves and scarves can be purchased locally at very cheap prices. Be sure to pack a few pairs of long underwear, although these can also be bought locally for next to nothing. Teachers arriving from March onwards should bring a light jacket.


Songhua River

 Jilin City and Songhua River