Author: Judith Villarreal

The One Month Mark In Korea

For those new expats who moved to Korea with the August 2014 intake, the one month mark of your big move is only days away. The whirlwind of your new adventure is only just beginning, and although it may seem like you’ve just begun to learn about the new culture in which you’re now immersed, there are some cultural changes you’ve already undergone without noticing to better blend into your new surroundings.

5 Korean Summer Fashion Trends

If any one word best describes the generation of modern Koreans, it’s trendsetters. Seriously, I’ve yet to see another country so amazingly on point with their fashion game. Each season, Korea brings fresh new trends and revamps old ones with an almost unbelievable amount of originality.

Korean Men And Make-Up

I believed a hyped lie before I moved to Asia, and that lie was that most men wear beauty products as casually as women do in South Korea. The strange thing is that all I felt was a sense of excitement. Call me crazy, but I don’t think that hiding a few blemishes with concealer or foundation makes a man any less of a….well, a man.

Korea’s Hottest Summer Trends

The three things you’ll quickly learn to be true while living in South Korea go as follows: kimchi is a cure all, your elders must be respected without question, and a beautiful face can get you through any tough situation. With these three nuggets of wisdom, I’d say having a beautiful face is the most important.

Networking At EPIK Orientation

Fall EPIK orientation is just weeks away and now that you have your packing list and last minute tips from my previous articles, we can begin to focus on another good idea to keep in mind during your time at orientation: networking. I know on top of all the other things going through your mind the thought of networking might seem furthest from important, but it really does have its advantages.

Korean Cosmetics: A Beginner’s Guide

If there’s one thing I’ve been turned onto in Korea (besides blunt bangs) that I’m positively obsessed with it’s beauty products and beauty chains. They’re absolutely amazing – which is hardly a surprise considering Korean women and men have envious perfect porcelain complexions. For the longest time I’d thought their smooth skin was a matter of genes, and I sulked that I hadn’t won the gene lottery.

5 Tips For Strong Expat Relationships

I’ve been hesitant to write this article for sometime now. Mainly because I hardly fit the bill of being able to give any type of love advice when my own journey to a relationship was filled with tears, heart ache, and too many pints of ice cream to honestly admit. Despite my lack of expertise on the subject, I’m going to try to tackle it anyway because the number one question I get asked in emails and Facebook messages is “Judith, how does one make an expat relationship work?”

Advice From Veteran Expats

Moving date is looming closer, and I bet nerves, excitement, and other strange emotions are beginning to run rampant throughout your pretty head. Don’t worry, future expat, you’re not the only one who has had doubts and worries right before leaving your comfort zone for a year. The current expats in Korea, myself included, would like to offer you some sound advice on everything and anything expat and South Korea related.