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Your Story of Travel

Your Story of Travel

I have been captivated recently by Donald Miller’s insistence that our lives are stories waiting to be told. As we all know, some stories are better than others. Don gives four key elements of what makes a good story. A Character Who Wants Something And Overcomes Conflict To Get It Think about it. Run any of your favorite movies or books through those criteria and no matter what the outcome, those four elements are present. Yet, when it comes to our lives, we often get lost or tripped up by element two. What’s Travel Got To Do With Us? You and I are the characters in this story. We’ve got this unfolding narrative happening and somehow we get to be part of the next sentence. It’s easy to downplay our role on earth, to the point even that we think very little of our actions towards others as having any influence at all. How clever it would be for the antagonist to write us off before we had a chance to speak. This, your, our story matters. Step one is claiming that truth. That’s our role in element one: becoming the character worth rooting for. We are each of us […]

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