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You Lost Me: Five Tips for Checking Comprehension

I have no doubt you are the best teacher this school has ever seen. You care about your students. You are creative in the classroom. You know the material as if you had changed its diapers.

But are your students on the same page?

Why Non-Verbal Communication Matters More Than You Think

Teaching has been an expert mentor in helping me see that what I say matters. My words are important because people are actually listening. But my actions may be even more so. How I use my face and eyes and body when I’m talking reveals truth, sincerity, acknowledgment, reciprocation, and about a thousand other things. In communication, the non-verbal tells more than that flabber-jabber of yours could ever hope to.

ESL Teaching Tips: Teaching With Limited Resources

When you volunteer to teach abroad, you are likely to find yourself having to do without many familiar teaching materials.  Art supplies, markers, textbooks, a photocopier, games and computers could all be in short supply for you and your students.  But don’t be discouraged—this is the perfect chance to let your creativity and resourcefulness shine…
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