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Recognizing Culture Shock

So let me paint the picture for you, you are moving to a different country in search of work, education or just new experiences altogether. You are so excited to go you could wet your pants. You arrive and for a while everything is just dandy, but then you start to feel sad, things that were once a novelty to you are now a thing of annoyance and you just feel like giving it all up. Welcome my friend, to culture shock.

Turning Teaching Abroad into a Career

Teaching abroad is an amazing opportunity, one that is filled with discovery, adventure, and an all round feel of accomplishment. Many people dedicate a year or two to teaching abroad and then they go home or move on. But what happens to teachers that want to make a career out of teaching abroad?

Writer Jamie Philips Talks About Roots and Wings During Her Two-Year Adventure Around the World

Jamie Phillips is a perpetual Canadian nomad who has been living abroad and traveling for nearly two years. Jamie writes about her recent adventure to visit Singapore, her birth country, with her mother.