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The Benefits To Teaching Online

Teaching online is a new and upcoming form of teaching which allows teachers to teach from a virtual classroom from anywhere in Asia or other parts of the world. We caught up with DeShawn to hear about his experiences teaching online in Shanghai.

Taiwan Bucketlist

Taiwan spans 395km from north to south and 144km from east to west. While it may just seem like a small island off the coast of mainland China, in actuality, it is brimming with attractions ranging from one of the tallest buildings in the world to some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Asia.

Learn From Your Students

We often think that the role of a teacher is to impart wisdom and knowledge, but it’s easy to forget that learning goes both ways. Children can be our greatest teachers if we are willing to let them.

Taroko National Park: Day 2

Last week I brought you the first installment of my weekend away in Taroko National Park where you saw the beginning of my adventure. Here I bring you part 2 and the rest of my journey into this amazing National Park in Taiwan.

The Quiet Burden Of A Traveler

Despite all of the romanticism surrounding being a traveler, there’s one terribly heavy burden that travellers take on the moment they leave home to see the world: the fact that they’ll miss out on making memories back home.

Pronunciation Issues for Chinese ESL Learners

English is a tough language for anyone to learn. While every ESL learner has his or her own unique challenges with the language’s sounds, spelling, and generally nonsensical grammar rules, there are certain challenges that you’ll find are more common than others.

Taroko National Park: Day 1

Sitting on top of a large, smooth, sun-warmed rock positioned just above the clear blue water, tucked away in a private alcove down the river and off the beaten path from the Shakadang trail in Taroko National Park, I turn to my friend and say, “Life is happening right now.” From the rock pillow she has been resting on she turns and nods her head in relaxed agreeance.

The Best Sunsets in Taiwan

When I arrived in Taiwan, I was speechless at its breathtaking beauty. Maybe it’s because I’m from a very flat farmland but the sight of mountains, ocean, and palm trees completely swept me away.