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Travel Inspiration Series: Emily Sharp

Travel Inspiration Series: Emily Sharp

I recently caught up with a good friend of mine who currently calls Central America home. Emily is a different person than when I first met her nearly 10 years ago. Her friendship has shaped me and her journey continues to inspire me. JG: Emily, you and your husband are on quite an adventure. Tell me, where are you and what are you doing? ES: My husband works for the State Department. We move every few years around the world including the U.S. Currently we are in Managua, Nicaragua. I work at a private international school here in Managua as a counselor. I also teach psychology and leadership. We’ve been here for about 16 months! JG: Language is a core factor, not only in building meaningful community, but in maintaining some sanity in your daily life. What’s the journey of learning the language been like for you? ES: Language has been one of the most difficult things about living here for me. I took high school Spanish but past some very basic phrases I did not retain much. Aaron was able to go to language school for 8 months but it was not an option for me at the time […]

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