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5 Tips For Strong Expat Relationships

I’ve been hesitant to write this article for sometime now. Mainly because I hardly fit the bill of being able to give any type of love advice when my own journey to a relationship was filled with tears, heart ache, and too many pints of ice cream to honestly admit. Despite my lack of expertise on the subject, I’m going to try to tackle it anyway because the number one question I get asked in emails and Facebook messages is “Judith, how does one make an expat relationship work?”

A Single’s Guide To Surviving Relationship Season (Part 2)

Last week, this guide let you know which couple infested places to avoid in South Korea during relationship season. I hope you took my advice and were able to dodge the madness as the weather gets colder and the season of love kicks into high gear. This week, I’ll be sharing with you the best places to hang out with your single friends in South Korea without being subjected to sappy, overdone new couple PDA.

A Single’s Guide to Surviving Relationship Season in South Korea (Part 1)

Being single during the Christmas holidays, otherwise known as ‘relationship season’, can be difficult enough to deal with back home, but what does it feel like when you’re single and abroad?