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The Importance of Mastering American Slang

The Importance of Mastering American Slang

What’s up?! Well, a lot of things. Stars. Ceilings. Trees. But you know as well as I that I’m asking about your life. What is happening and how you are handling it? That’s the sly, simple, spacious impact of slang in our culture today. We hardly recognize when we slip into such commonly used colloquialisms. Which is precisely why it’s so important for us to have a good mastery of American slang, especially if we’re attempting to teach non-English speakers the nuances of our confounding language. Thankfully, good people have done the hard yards of compiling the words you need to know. I’m just here to tell you why you need to know them. For Building Relationships Slang, by its nature, is informal. You wouldn’t typically use it on your scholarly essays and tests because those are assessing your grasp of “proper” or formal English. You may as well take your tea and crumpets along. But once you leave Downton Abbey and step out onto the streets, slang is not only commonplace, but highly relatable. It is the people’s language of choice. It is metaphor and irony and slant rhymes. And mastering slang will help connect you with others via […]

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