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Your New BFFs: Utilizing Public Spaces

Your New BFFs: Utilizing Public Spaces

In a few hours you’ll catch a bus to the next city where you’ve got a room already booked for you. Until then, you have every bit of your indecisiveness on your back and are aching for a place to give your feet a break. Next week, there’s a late night flight waiting to take you across another border, but mid-morning is the hotel check-out, thank you for your stay. The space between is nothing but time. Waiting. A holding of the breath. Travelers often occupy liminal space and must learn to navigate the in-betweens with grace and confidence. Thankfully, good people have created public spaces where you are welcome to linger and need only pay by choice, not obligation. Let me introduce you to your new BFFs: The Library Recharge or research, surf or nap, the library is the foundational go-to for the public’s needs. When a foreign city offers no hint of home, find solace in the quiet company of paperbacks and still your anxious heart. If you’re in a city for an extended period, consider opening up an account and really make the most of the resources offered. Books, magazines, movies, music, newspapers – all free, all […]

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