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Relationships Abroad

Relationships abroad come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important to find ways to keep some of your routines from home while you’re abroad, but you should also be willing to accept something foreign, new, and outside your comfort zone.

A Single’s Guide To Surviving Relationship Season (Part 2)

Last week, this guide let you know which couple infested places to avoid in South Korea during relationship season. I hope you took my advice and were able to dodge the madness as the weather gets colder and the season of love kicks into high gear. This week, I’ll be sharing with you the best places to hang out with your single friends in South Korea without being subjected to sappy, overdone new couple PDA.

A Single’s Guide to Surviving Relationship Season in South Korea (Part 1)

Being single during the Christmas holidays, otherwise known as ‘relationship season’, can be difficult enough to deal with back home, but what does it feel like when you’re single and abroad?