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10 Things To Know About Going Home After Living Abroad

Going home is hard after you’ve been abroad. Here are 10 things to know about going home after living abroad. Reverse culture shock can be a harsh reality. It’s going to be hard to relate to people at first All of your friends, old and new, back home have been having a completely different set…
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The Quiet Burden Of A Traveler

Despite all of the romanticism surrounding being a traveler, there’s one terribly heavy burden that travellers take on the moment they leave home to see the world: the fact that they’ll miss out on making memories back home.

Tips For Repatriating – What You Need To Know

For most ex-pats, there eventually comes a time when the call of home gets too loud to ignore. It might be family and friends that are pulling you back, or a job, or just a sense that it’s time to leave. Whatever the reason, moving home can be as challenging as moving abroad.

How To Survive Reverse Culture Shock

We all know what it feels like to walk into a new culture we know nothing about. Almost all of us have experienced culture shock. By the time we return to our home countries, the last thing on our mind is how different things might feel. You may have only been away for a year.…
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