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The Differences In Teaching In Taiwan Compared To South Korea – 2023

What are the differences in teaching in Taiwan compared to South Korea in 2023? Reach To Teach gets many questions about this topic, so our staff writer Meghan broke it down for you.

Obtaining a Chinese Visa

I was heading to China the first ESL teaching go-around but never made it because my Visa didn’t work out—it turns out they changed a policy right before I was scheduled to head out. This time the policies did not change but it was still quite cumbersome. Here is my experience obtaining a Chinese Visa!

Why You Should Work Abroad

The way I see it, if you’re going to work, if you get to choose, why not make it something you can enjoy, at least to some degree. Something that will challenge and excite and provide new opportunities. Something outside the conventions set by those for whom work is a dirty word. Something exotic, maybe? Here’s why you should work abroad.

Everyone an Iceberg: Students with Behavioral Issues

All of us, teachers and students alike, are just people. People with backgrounds and histories. People with families and fears. People who are influenced and have an influence. Now that I’m on the other side of the desk, I am still learning to see the raw humanity in all those I influence. Especially students with behavioral issues.

Recognizing Culture Shock

So let me paint the picture for you, you are moving to a different country in search of work, education or just new experiences altogether. You are so excited to go you could wet your pants. You arrive and for a while everything is just dandy, but then you start to feel sad, things that were once a novelty to you are now a thing of annoyance and you just feel like giving it all up. Welcome my friend, to culture shock.

Top 10 Reasons Why People Teach English Abroad

The top 10 reasons why people teach English abroad. Have you taught abroad? What are your reasons for doing so?