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Dealing With Sickness Abroad

Nobody enjoys getting ill, usually we have home comforts to help us power through sickness, you have your favorite blanky in front of the TV watching your favorite shows whilst eating that famous chicken soup your mom has dropped over to you to make you feel better. Now imagine that situation minus all of those nice things, you are in a foreign country where nobody speaks your language and nobody is bringing you chicken soup. Being sick abroad sucks, so here is some advice to help avoid or at least cope with sickness abroad.

Pick Your Own Mind if You Want to Teach Abroad

Why is it that whenever we are faced with big decisions our first instinct is to run off to our friends, parents and peers and ask them what we should do? “Which University should I attend?” “What career should I be pursuing?” “Do you think I should spend that money I don’t have on a vintage 1967 Camaro?” (By the way, the answer to that last question is yes). The truth is, no one knows you better than yourself, and so no one is going to know what it is that you want better than you do. When you’re trying to decide on any big life choice and you want to pick someone’s brain, it’s a good idea to start with your own.