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Blog Carnival: Travel Myths Debunked

Blog Carnival: Travel Myths Debunked

We have all been given a nugget of advice or a whisper of warning before heading out on our amazing journey of teaching, travel, and adventure. But how much of that is true? The only real way to know is to go and apply to teach English abroad and discover the truths and myths for yourself. Here within this Reach To Teach Blog Carnival entry you will delve into the minds of our Reach To Teach bloggers who will tell you about travel myths that turned out to be false.

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Your Answer to the ‘Why Travel’ Question

Your Answer to the 'Why Travel' Question

I hate this job. I need to get out of this town. I wish life was more exciting. This is where it starts for most of us. The idea. The dream. The decision. It’s one of the most familiar questions for vagabonds worldwide: why travel? Believe it or not, there are both unhealthy as well as life-changing answers.

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