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Food In Abu Dhabi: Five To Try

Food in Abu Dhabi: Five things not to be missed on your next trip to this amazing place. Is there good food in the desert? You bet!

Staying In/Losing Touch: Traveling and Technology

To plug in or unplug? This is the modern traveler’s quest(ion) worth pursuing. I suppose there is a time for both, as well as a natural inclination toward one option or the other. I would guess that as the world advances in the area of technology, the temptation is to be increasingly wired. Of course, that’s all subjective to your level of addiction.

Reflections On Life From The Mongolian Steppes

Mongolia has awoken me to a divergent reality and shown me how human beings have lived for thousands of years…and how some still do. Thanks to the steppes and the nomadic families who welcomed me into their homes and fed me around their fires, my understanding of the spectrum of societies all over the world will never be the same.

Peaceful Places in Asia

Asia is a big place. With lots of people. A staggering variety of culture. A massive amount going on. Big money. Heartbreaking poverty. It’s a bit overwhelming, honestly. Where does one to go to getaway, to breathe deeply, to seek peace where it may be found? Here are five peaceful places in Asia, just waiting to be discovered.

How Has Technology Changed The Way We Travel?

We live in a world that is constantly growing smaller and smaller with each new technological development and scientific advancement. Society has been speeding up and we have shifted from a world of ‘I want this soon’ to a world of ‘I want this now’. But how has this new way of thinking coupled with the technological advancements of our time changed travel.

Why We Travel, A Short Travel Documentary by Heather Richards

Why We Travel is a short film that was put together by Heather Richards, a former Reach To Teach teacher and a fellow globetrotter of the world. Heather blogs about her adventures at TravelingVanillaBean.com.