Amanda Paul – 2014 – An American Couple Teachinig with EPIK

RTT is an excellent recruiting agency! My husband and I decided to use them to help us become teachers in South Korea. We researched many recruiting options and found that RTT had zero negative reviews, which greatly influenced our decision to go with them. John (the president) worked with us directly via e-mails and phone calls. He was able to answer any and all questions we had. He was also direct with us, which we greatly appreciated. RTT has been an excellent resource guiding us on our long journey to South Korea, and we wouldn’t have been able to make our dreams come true without them. I would recommend this recruiting agency to everyone interested in teaching abroad, whether they are looking to teach in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or any of the other countries listed on the RTT website.



US & Canada: 201-467-4612
United Kingdom: 0203-286-9794
Australia: 2-8011-4516


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