C. Webb – Teaching With EPIK in South Korea – 2020

Reach To Teach Review – C. Webb – Teaching With EPIK in South Korea – 2020

Reach to Teach has been wonderful in assisting with documents and various other questions I have had along the way. If unable to get into a program that you may want, they have backup options just in case.

If you are trying to get into the EPIK program, then I highly recommend using them (or if you’re trying to teach any place else).

They go far and beyond by providing mock interviews, scheduled phones, and various other services. Once approved, Reach to Teach guides you along by over-viewing the documentation needed to get into the country of your choosing. Once documentation is done, the amount of work needed from you is minimal.

Truly a great recruiting agency.



US & Canada: 201-467-4612
United Kingdom: 0203-286-9794
Australia: 2-8011-4516



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