Jayde Card – 2015 – Teaching in Changhua

Jayde Card – 2015 – Teaching in Changhua

Teaching in Changhua, Taiwan

Teaching English in Taiwan has been an incredible experience, I have learnt so much and have experienced life as I have never known it before. I am 30 years old and had never left South Africa. I just got to that point where I was tired of hearing about everyone else’s adventures, it was time to do something extraordinary with my life, you know what they say ‘its better late than never’.

So not knowing where to begin I found Reach to Teach online, their website was very comprehensive, I felt well informed and the testimonials were all excellent, this was a good place to start.

I emailed Carrie Kellenberger and I got an immediate response, she was fantastic, I probably wasn’t. With me being a complete newbie, she would have her hands full guiding me step by step the whole way.

With Carrie’s help, I made it to Taiwan, a whole new world of sights, sounds and smells. On top of being mind blown when you first arrive here and have to find a place to live, you have to adjust to a new culture, language barrier, job, school, kids and colleagues.

The first month or two can be a little overwhelming, that’s when you learn what you are really made of.  With the right attitude and perseverance you can experience the wonders of teaching and living in Taiwan.

Has it been worth it? More than anything in the world. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I am here. I feel like anything is possible now. I am very happy at Shane English School and I am very grateful for all your help.