S. Skilo – Teaching with EPIK in Korea

Reach To Teach Review – Teaching with EPIK in Korea

Reach to Teach was a great experience and a good choice for recruiter when applying to South Korea’s EPIK program. I worked directly with John and he always answered my questions in a timely way and made sure our entire group was prepared for our trip to South Korea.

He helped us book our flights and hotel with a travel agency, and took us out for Korean barbecue the first night.

But what really made Reach to Teach 5-star is when I had troubles with my school in Korea right away. I hadn’t been told my apartment needed deposit money to the tune of 1 million won. This was almost all the money I brought with me. John reached out to EPIK to help remedy the situation and get me my money back. Definitely worth five-stars!



US & Canada: 201-467-4612
United Kingdom: 0203-286-9794
Australia: 2-8011-4516



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