Weather in China

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Weather in China

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China is a huge country with many different climates and types of landscape. Think of it in terms of the United States, which China resembles in size and shape. Traveling along the Golden Route (Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin) is like visiting New York, Chicago, Santa Fe, and Jacksonville, Florida all in one trip.

China has a continental and seasonal climate. Most of the country is temperate, but southern areas could be considered tropical while northern areas are definitely frigid.

  • Spring: 10-22°C, Western suits, jackets, sports coats, woolen jackets, long sleeve shirts and travel shoes.
  • Summer: 22°C and above, T-shirts, short sleeve shirts, skirts, sandals, caps, rain wear.
  • Autumn: 10-22°C, Western suits, jackets, sports coats, light woolen sweaters, rain wear and travel shoes.
  • Winter: 10°C or lower, overcoat, cotton clothes, lined coats. In very cold areas a cap, gloves and cotton-padded shoes are required.

Northern China

Winter is long and cold, lasting from December through March. Temperatures are often below zero and you’ll likely see snow. Summer sees opposite extreme temperatures when it can be very hot and quite humid. Summer lasts from May through the end of August.

Central China

Winters in central China feel colder than they look, the cold moisture in the air makes a traveler feel the cold right to the bone. You will seldom see snow and temperatures may never reach freezing. Happily, winters are short, starting in January in earnest and usually finishing up by the end of March. Summers are long, hot and humid, lasting from April through September/October.

Southern China

It is generally wetter in the south and high temperatures are sustained longer. Winter, from January to March, like in central China, is short but can feel very cold. April through September is the rainy season where temperatures and humidity reach highs. Along the southeast coast of China, the typhoon season is from July through September.

Northwest China

The northwestern part of China becomes more like central Asia than eastern Asia. There are fewer Han Chinese and the terrain is arid and dry. It is here that the traveler will feel the extremes of Chinese weather