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So you’re thinking of going  to teach English in China, but you’re not quite sure where to start. Luckily for you the helpful staff at Reach To Teach has compiled a list of useful resources for teachers considering teaching abroad in Mainland China.

Administrative Tools for Living in China

When you come to China, you will make a very nice salary, depending on whether you want to work full- or part-time. Most of our part-time teachers work 20 hours per week and make around $1,400USD per month.

With the lower cost of living in China compared to other destinations, teachers should be able to save even more every year.

Teaching English in China has become more lucrative for ESL teachers every year. Full time teaching positions that combine teaching hours and office hours will add up to around 40 hours a week. Teachers will make between $1,600USD and $2,400USD per month, with many schools throwing in added perks such as free housing, free flights and contract completion bonuses.

Tips for Living in China

At the end of a day in China, you may feel a bit bonkers. The food’s different, the people are different, the language is different. There’s no harm in being frustrated by your situation, but we encourage you to rise above it. Embrace the challenges and learn from them!

  • Escape Artist – A quick list of unwritten rules for surviving life in China – read for a quick laugh and remember you’re not alone!
  • Lost Laowai – The expat section of this website is especially useful, as you can offer advice, rant, and learn the behavior of both “good” and “bad” laowai.
  • Cultural China – This website attempts to explain in laymen’s terms China’s 5000+ year history.
  • The Beijing Reviewer – Practical advice from a long-term ESL teacher’s perspective. If you’re considering working while studying, check this out!
  • @tbjTeachEnglish – Follow this Twitter account for real-time job opportunities for English teachers in Beijing.

Things to do in China

As a ESL teacher in China, you’ll inevitably have some free time in need of filling. Whether you prefer to take in more cultural activities, taste local cuisine, or check out the local nightlife, these websites will point you in the right direction for upcoming events and activities.

  • City Weekend – No matter what Chinese city you are studying in, City Weekend is your go-to resource for what’s happening nearby.
  • The Beijinger – This website is always the first to know what’s happening in and around the capital city.
  • Shanghaiist – For students in Shanghai, check out this website to make your weekend plans.
  • Heyrobics – If you’re packing on the pounds from too many helpings of dumplings, check out this fun and colorful exercise club in Beijing.
  • Shanghai Highlights – A great resource for finding day/weekend trips outside the city – including nearby Hangzhou and Nanjing.

Learning Chinese

There are loads of online resources and language tools for learning Chinese.

About China

Chinese Culture - ESL Abroad

Chinese Culture 

China is such an immense country that there is no simple way to define its culture within a neat frame.It has evolved and changed over thousands of years into what it is today, a beast that dominates the Asian continent.


History of China - ESL Abroad

History of China

The history of China is as long as it is interesting. No other country in the world can boast such a continued and sustained presence in world affairs, and one that still continues to grow today.


Street Food in AsiaFood in China

A meal in Chinese culture is typically seen as consisting of two components. First, a carbohydrate source or starch typically rice, noodles, or buns, and secondly an accompanying dish consisting of vegetables, fish, meat, or other items.

Learn Chinese - ESL AbroadLearning Chinese

Learning another language is a challenge for everyone that goes to China. Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn, but you’ll find that learning a little Chinese will go a long with the locals, no matter where you are in China.

The weather in China - ESL Abroad

Weather in China

China is a huge country with many different climates and types of landscape. Whether you’re looking for winter landscapes or hot, humid summer.



china_map_xianMap of China

Here you will find useful maps about China and where it is in relation to the rest of Asia.

Where Can I Teach in China?

Where Can I Teach in China?Beijing City Guide                    

Changzhou City Guide                    

Chengdu City Guide 

Guangzhou City Guide             

Guiyang City Guide                       

 Jilin City Guide

Nanjing City Guide                   

Ningbo City Guide                            

Shanghai City Guide

Shenyang City Guide               

Taizhou City Guide                           

Tianjin City Guide

Xi’An City Guide

Cost of Living in China

Food in China - ESL Abroad

Food in China

China is a geographically huge country, it is diverse in climate, ethnicity and subcultures. Not surprisingly, there are many distinctive styles of cuisine.


Housing in China - ESL Abroad

Housing in China

There are many types of housing options for teachers in China. Some schools offer free housing, while others include a stipend with your monthly paycheck. Some schools offer simple dorm rooms, while others offer furnished apartment. In big cities like Shanghai and Beijing, your school will likely put you in touch with a local rental agent who can help you find something to your liking.

Transportation in China - ESL Abroad

Transportation in China

China currently has a comprehensive system of modern transportation, which includes civil aviation, railway, road traffic, and water transportation. You will find plenty of ways to get around in whichever city you’re in. You might want to ride a bicycle to and from work or you might live close enough to walk. Taxis are typically cheap and easy to find. Bus systems are well mapped out, for the most part.

Phones in China - ESL Abroad

Phone Services in China

Telephone service is available everywhere in China, but most people choose to carry a cell phone.


Internet in China - ESL Abroad

Internet Access in China

Internet access in China is nowadays more advanced than in many Western countries, at least in the major cities.

Services in China

Banking in China - ESL Abroad

Banking in China

One of the first things your will need to do as an English teacher living in China is open a local bank account. Your school will assist you in setting up your bank account.


Medical services in China - ESL Abroad

Health and Medical Care in China

Health care is widely available in China with clinics being found in every village, but in many areas the local facilities are very basic and not generally used by expatriates.


Embassy in China - ESL Abroad

Embassy Services in China

Should you need Embassy services in China, we have listed here the offices and contact information for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.


Misc. Information for China

Holidays in China - ESL Abroad

Holidays in China

China has many holidays throughout the year that are worth noting, particularly if you are planning other travel destinations during your time off.

Sports in China - ESL Abroad

Sports in China

China has a lot to offer when in comes to getting involved in outdoor activities and sports. Baseball, soccer, and rugby are particularly popular among the ex-pat community and it is never difficult to jump on a team and meet new friends and start having some fun!


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Teacher Testimonial

C. Venter - 2017 - Teaching in China

Thanks to the help and hard work of my recruiter at Reach To Teach, my journey to China was such a smooth and nearly stress free process. I have now been happily living in China for 6 months. Thanks, guys.

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R. Busony - 2017 - An ESL Teacher in Taipei
Reach To Teach Recruiting LTD

Reach to Teach is absolutely the best tool to have going into the teaching industry in Asia. I worked with Carrie Kellenberger when going to Taiwan and she managed to give me more than I asked and did frequent check-ups.

Weeks before my dep...

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Teacher Testimonials

Anabel Gabriela - 2018 Teacher Testimonial
Reach To Teach Recruiting LTD

They made what would have been a very complicated process easy. I always felt like they really cared about me and I never felt intimidated emailing or calling when I was confused. Highly recommend!

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