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Internet in China

Internet in China - ESL in China

Internet access in China is nowadays more advanced than in many Western countries, at least in the major cities. Broadband connections are widely available and cheap, and there is also a wide range of wireless access options available.

If you don’t want to get a contract, the simplest way to access the Internet is via dial-up. Plug your computer into any phone jack. In most cities, there are free Internet numbers available, but if you want a quicker connection, you might want to opt for a paid service number, which will add the access charges directly to your phone bill. There is also a wide range of prepaid Internet access cards available, which allow you to dial an access number of the card provider and stay connected until your credit has run out.

Broadband access in China

Competition of broadband providers is fierce in China, and prices are steadily decreasing. In most cities, you will find various broadband providers, which usually offer similar services. Broadband companies are also rolling out “broadband wireless fixed access” (BWFA), which allows you to connect to the Internet wherever your mobile phone works.

Internet cafes in China

If you don’t have an Internet connection at home or at your school you might want to use and Internet café to access the web. Unfortunately, most Chinese Internet cafés are rather grim and smokey places, and are often hard to find. Every now and then some cafés get shut down by government censors, but eventually new ones pop up.

Finally, if you’re wondering about China’s Great Firewall, read this helpful article on accessing your favorite social networking sites in China.

Beyond China’s Firewall: How to Get Uncensored Internet Access in China

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