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Phones in Chile


While you are traveling throughout Chile, you will probably want to have a local phone number to keep in touch. If you have an unlocked phone, then you will be able to purchase a pre-paid SIM card. These cards are widely available in Chile, and will allow you to use your own cell phone with a local Chilean number.

If your cell phone is locked, you can pick up an inexpensive phone at one of Chile’s many electronics stores. Second-hand phones are also fairly easy to come by. These phones can be used with pay-as-you-go plans, and don’t require a contract.

It is also possible to rent cell phones for use during your time in Chile.

Chile’s major cell phone service providers are Movistar, Entel, and Claro, all of which offer comparable rates and coverage.

Making Calls

To make a call to a Chilean number from outside of Chile, first dial the country code: 0056

All cell phone numbers start with 09, 08, or 07. When you are making a call to a cell phone, though, don’t dial the zero.

Important Numbers

  • Emergency/Ambulance: 131
  • Fire Department: 132
  • Police: 133
  • Operator and Directory Assistance: 103




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