Author: Vadim Rubin

Balancing Your Time

Balancing your time as an overseas English teacher is more difficult that it may seem. Being given the opportunity to live in a foreign country will be a pivotal experience in anyone’s life. Making sure to take advantage of the opportunity while still being able to perform your duties as a teacher can be a challenging task.

Reasons to Be a Language Teacher

Teaching had always been part of my life but was never an occupation I had seriously considered until it fell onto my lap. This article will detail the reasons why I love being a teacher and why you might, too.

Forms of Teaching

There are a number of forms of teaching with a variety of different styles, and subjects. No two teachers will be exactly the same. Teachers’ personalities and backgrounds will also make each classroom experience different.

Exploring Xiaoliuqiu

I went exploring Xiaoliuqiu (小琉球) for Chinese New Year, a particularly beautiful part of Taiwan. A friend and I were planning to go for three days and our friends called us crazy, saying there wasn’t enough to do there for even two days – we definitely proved them wrong.

Taiwan Bucketlist – Check These Places Off Your List!

Our Taiwan bucketlist includes must-see things in Taiwan! Taiwan spans 395km from north to south and 144km from east to west. While it may just seem like a small island off the coast of mainland China, in actuality, it is brimming with attractions ranging from one of the tallest buildings in the world to some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Asia.