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Teaching in China: A Teacher’s Perspective

Teaching in China: A Teacher's Perspective

Many Westerners come to Asia to teach English in a foreign land. Here’s my story about why I made the decision to move abroad and how I did it.

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Teaching in China? Don’t Freak Out When…

China can be an out-of-this-world experience and many people aren’t prepared for some of things they might encounter in the Middle Kingdom. So, if you’re teaching in China, please don’t freak out when… people stare someone of the same gender holds your hand or asks you to dance (this is a sign of friendship) you wash your clothes for the first time and your rinse water is black people rummage through your grocery cart people put food on your plate people call you fat to your face you blow your nose and your snot is black (coal is used in some cities and the air is full of smoke) your water is turned off you can’t flush your toilet people get up close and personal (Our sense of personal space is different from theirs) people jump in front of you in line or you get pushed out of the way people randomly shout out, “Hallo!” and then giggle cars, buses, bikes and mule carts do not wait for you to cross the street you end up driving with a taxi driver who seems to have a death wish your empty or near empty glass is refilled to the brim someone […]

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