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5 Misconceptions About China

China is a mysterious place to most people who have never lived there. Even if you have visited China before, there are some things you just can’t understand unless you have lived and worked in the Middle Kingdom. My friends and family back in America cannot conceive of what China is really like. Here’s a little ditty to help them (and you) get a better perspective, and put to rest these 5 misconceptions about China.

5 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese (Part 2)

In the previous episode of 5 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese (found here), we made it abundantly clear that learning at least a little Chinese can really help you in a variety of situations when you go to China (or Taiwan). If you move to China, you’ve no excuse!

Blog Carnival: Travel Myths Debunked

We have all been given a nugget of advice or a whisper of warning before heading out on our amazing journey of teaching, travel, and adventure. But how much of that is true? The only real way to know is to go and apply to teach English abroad and discover the truths and myths for yourself. Here within this Reach To Teach Blog Carnival entry you will delve into the minds of our Reach To Teach bloggers who will tell you about travel myths that turned out to be false.

5 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese (Part 1)

An actual conversation that occurred shortly before I moved to China in 2010: My Friend: You’re moving to China? Me: That’s right. My Friend: You’re crazy. Completely¬†nuts. (making “cuckoo eyes” at me) Me: Why? Why is that so crazy? Lots of people do it. My Friend: Because they all speak Chinese there! You’ll probably die.…
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Celebrating Chinese New Year 2014: Year of the Horse

For the people of China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, the biggest holiday of the year is Chinese New Year. Think Christmas, but with fireworks. Think Thanksgiving, but with more variety of food. Think the Fourth of July, but with bigger and louder fireworks! It’s a celebration to usher in the coming spring, and it’s all about family time and good food. It is definitely the biggest party of the year. This year, we are celebrating the Year of the Horse.

Top Five Reasons to Teach English in China

China is a wonderful place rich in culture, history and new experiences to keep any ESL teacher satisfied for years. Here are our top 5 reasons why we think you should teach English in China.

Interview with Madison MacNichol: A Reach To Teach Teacher In China

Meet our latest Reach To Teach Teacher Madison MacNichol who has taken the time to answer a few of our burning questions. Read on to catch up with her about her time in China so far.

Interview With Sara Nighbor: An American Teacher In China

Meet Sarah Nighbor, a fun and enthusiastic teacher hailing from Wisconsin and teaching in the beautiful location of Kunming, China. She made the move from law to teaching and she has never looked back, read her story to find out about her adventures in China and her insights into the interesting differences she has noticed whilst teaching.