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Packing For Korea: Girls

Ladies, it’s about that time when you’ll start worrying about what to pack for the big move to South Korea. I decided to write down a list to help you better organize your suitcases! This one is for the ladies! Boys, check back here next week to see what’s on your list!

8 Ways To Start Well At Your New School (Part Two)

Dear Future EPIK Teacher, I understand the nerves you must be feeling right now. Believe me, I do. To add a new country, language, and culture onto your list of changes to come soon, you also have to add a brand new work environment. Hopefully you read part one of the 8 Ways To Start Well At Your New School. Get your printer ready to print off my second half of awesome tips!

8 Ways To Start Well At Your New School (Part One)

Most EPIK applicants are gearing up for the big move that is just a short 4 months away. That time will fly by much faster than any will realize. After you’ve typed out and printed your packing list, be sure to print out these helpful tips to keep with the rest of your South Korea documents and lists. You’ll be thanking me once you’ve effortlessly survived your first day on the job.

Korean Apartments: Back To Basics

You’ve got your plane ticket in hand, you’ve said all your good byes for the time being, and you’re now staring at the empty suitcases you need to pack for your year in South Korea. You’ve already bought a year’s supply of your favorite candies and comfort foods. After you check off clothes, treats, and deodorant, however, you’re left wondering what exactly you should expect in your new Korean apartment.

Top 5 Reasons To Move To South Korea

Apart from the beautiful Korean culture, amazing food, and kind people, the collective majority of expats stick around teaching in Korea longer than a year because the cost of living is incredibly low. Saving money while living in Korea is easy and doesn’t really require much effort.

10 Things To Expect At An EPIK Orientation (Part 2)

We are joined once more by our South Korea expert Judith Villarreal who give us the second part of her two-part series about what to expect at an EPIK orientation.

10 Things To Expect At An EPIK Orientation (Part 1)

There’s really only one thing you’ll need to know about EPIK orientation that can fully prepare you for your first week in Korea, which is EPIK orientation is basically freshman year university orientation all over again. There’s no getting around it, and there’s no use pouting because orientation is mandatory. Truth be told, it isn’t a terrible experience. Sure, you’ll still have those nervous jitters as you scout out the group of fellow newbies trying to figure out who your new friends will be, but your week won’t be all nerves and lectures. I’m going to go so far as to say you’re actually going to have fun. This two part article will give you some insight into 10 things you can expect to happen at your EPIK orientation.

Interview With Brett Mandel, An American Teacher In South Korea

This month Reach To Teach interviewed Brett Mandel, an American teacher in South Korea teaching with the EPIK program.