Category: Teacher Interviews

Interview with Eric Adams: Teaching in Taipei

Introducing our latest teacher interview: Eric Adams. Eric is a recent college graduate from Maryland who has been teaching in Taiwan for the last year. These last few months in Taipei has been his first living abroad experience.

Jimmy Hunt, An Australian Teacher In Hsinchu, Taiwan

Meet Jimmy Hunt, an Australian teacher who has been teaching at a Reach To Teach school in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Jimmy is a young and adventurous guy with a real thirst to see the world. He has explored a great deal of South East Asia, South America, New Zealand and the USA, and he has recently arrived in Taiwan.

Sara Keyes, An American Teacher In Taipei, Taiwan

Today’s interview is with Sara Keyes, an American teacher in Taipei, Taiwan. Sara shares her story about teaching in Taiwan and traveling to nearby destinations.

Amy Harper, A British Teacher In Taoyuan

Our latest teacher to agree to interview with us is Amy Harper. She left her life behind in the UK to pursue a teaching position in South Korea. Not satisfied with just one location in Asia she set her goals to make the move to teaching in Taiwan where she currently teaches young learners.

Interview With Kirsty Grace – Teaching in Shanghai, China

This week we bring you a teacher from the UK who decided to make the leap from working with children in London to teaching in Doha, Qatar and the hustle and bustle of teaching in Shanghai. Read on to find out some of the best tips to living and working in Shanghai, China.

Interview With Brett Cleveland: An American Teacher In Taipei

This week we interviewed our teacher Brett Cleveland, a teacher fresh into the ESL profession who tells us about his experiences teaching ESL in Taiwan.

Why You Shouldn’t be Nervous About the EPIK Interview

If you are applying for the EPIK program you are probably terrified about how the EPIK interview will go. Here is some advice from Neysha Bauer, an EPIK teacher who has been through the process before!

Interview With Stefanus Hanekom: A South African Teacher In China

Introducing our latest teacher interview. This week we interviewed Stefanus who took the plunge and made his first steps into a teaching career by moving all the way to China to begin a teaching position. Read on to see what experiences he has had as a first time teacher in China.