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4 Rookie Teaching Mistakes To Watch Out For With EPIK

Reach To Teach has compiled four common and simple rookie teaching mistakes for new EPIK teachers to watch out for in South Korea.

Teaching a Difficult Class

Teaching a difficult class that is really rowdy (especially younger aged students) can make any teachers day stressful. Sometimes you go to work dreading that one class of kids that don’t respect you, don’t listen to you, and cause soreness in your throat at the end of the day.

Keeping Your Cool

Keeping your cool as a teacher is something we all have to do. As teachers, we have all had those moments of complete frustration. You already have had a rough day, your students are having difficulty focusing, and you’re starting to lose your cool. At these points, it’s even more important to remember, stay calm and keep teaching on.

Getting Help from your Co-teacher

Getting help from your co-teacher is an essential part of teaching ESL. While you are teaching abroad you may have a native speaking co-teacher in your classroom while you teach.

Why Rewards are More Important than Punishments

While trying to manage a classroom, most teachers’ first instinct will be to simply punish students for disruptive behaviors. There is definitely a space and a need for that – some behaviors are simply too disruptive or even dangerous to not address immediately and decisively. However, there are a lot of compelling reasons why rewarding and reinforcing good behavior is a far better long-term strategy than just using negative consequences.

A Quick Guide to Classroom Rules

It’s one thing to talk about establishing clear rules right from the start of class, but it’s another thing to implement them effectively. It’s crucial for classroom management, to have a simple set of rules that you enforce consistently and fairly.

ESL Teaching Methods: Tips for Teaching Kids with ADHD

Here are some tips for teaching kids with ADHD. Learn how to keep them engaged in your ESL classroom.

You Lost Me: Five Tips for Checking Comprehension

I have no doubt you are the best teacher this school has ever seen. You care about your students. You are creative in the classroom. You know the material as if you had changed its diapers.

But are your students on the same page?