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Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement quickly became the most preferred method of classroom management for ESL teachers, mainly because it works so well. But there are a variety of different teaching styles that stem from teachers’ backgrounds, personalities, and experiences.

Why Rewards are More Important than Punishments

While trying to manage a classroom, most teachers’ first instinct will be to simply punish students for disruptive behaviors. There is definitely a space and a need for that – some behaviors are simply too disruptive or even dangerous to not address immediately and decisively. However, there are a lot of compelling reasons why rewarding and reinforcing good behavior is a far better long-term strategy than just using negative consequences.

A Quick Guide to Classroom Rules

It’s one thing to talk about establishing clear rules right from the start of class, but it’s another thing to implement them effectively. It’s crucial for classroom management, to have a simple set of rules that you enforce consistently and fairly.

ESL Teaching Methods: Tips for Teaching Kids with ADHD

Here are some tips for teaching kids with ADHD. Learn how to keep them engaged in your ESL classroom.

10 Tips For Your First Day of School

The first day of school sets the tone for the entire school year. It’s important that you make an impression and create a successful first day experience for your students.