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Networking At EPIK Orientation

Fall EPIK orientation is just weeks away and now that you have your packing list and last minute tips from my previous articles, we can begin to focus on another good idea to keep in mind during your time at orientation: networking. I know on top of all the other things going through your mind the thought of networking might seem furthest from important, but it really does have its advantages.

Advice From Veteran Expats

Moving date is looming closer, and I bet nerves, excitement, and other strange emotions are beginning to run rampant throughout your pretty head. Don’t worry, future expat, you’re not the only one who has had doubts and worries right before leaving your comfort zone for a year. The current expats in Korea, myself included, would like to offer you some sound advice on everything and anything expat and South Korea related.

How To Be Frugal In South Korea

One of the best things about teaching in Korea is the pay. We’re all friends here, so we can go ahead and say that the nice paycheck we get monthly from EPIK is definitely one of the perks and main reasons some expats never leave Korea. I was already at the ripe age of 25 when I first moved to Korea, so I’d already had a string of jobs under my belt and some experience with handling my money. However, all of my money saving ways went out the window the moment I moved to South Korea.

10 Things Korea Does Better (Part 2)

Let’s go ahead and jump right into part 2 of the 10 things Korea does better! Remember, these are my picks, so if you have different choices, write it in a comment below! I’d love to know what unique things you love and will miss about Korea when it’s your time to go!

10 Things Korea Does Better (Part 1)

During the time I’ve spent in Korea, it’s been easy to point out all the differences from my own culture back home. Whilst some differences I wouldn’t mind living another day without experiencing – like jumping out of the way of a crazy ajumma riding her motor scooter on the sidewalk – there are some things Korea does that I think are fantastic.

4 Misconceptions About Teaching In Korea

Wanting to make sure that I was fully prepared to immerse myself in a brand new culture, I scoured countless blogs, websites and forums looking for information pertaining to the big move. The number of articles I stumbled upon was overwhelming to say the least. Thousands of blogs and pages popped up, and all of them had at least one article carrying the self-proclaimed title “Everything You Need To Know About Moving To South Korea!”

Packing For Korea: Boys

I had to do a bit of polling and stalking various expat groups on Facebook to compile a list of what boys should bring for their big move to Korea. I think I’ve got a pretty good rough outline, but I think asking perhaps other male expats and doing a bit more research would be wise – unless, of course, you trust me completely, dear friend. I’d never steer you wrong, anyhow! I did my best to compile as much information as I could about what guys should bring to Korea. Happy packing!

Packing For Korea: Girls

Ladies, it’s about that time when you’ll start worrying about what to pack for the big move to South Korea. I decided to write down a list to help you better organize your suitcases! This one is for the ladies! Boys, check back here next week to see what’s on your list!